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Polis: Fight for the Hegemony

We are proud and happy to introduce today Polis: Fight for the Hegemony, a game by Fran Diaz published by Asylum Games.

Polis is a game about the Peloponnesian war between Athens and Sparta. There is too few good strategy board games designed to be played by 2 "core gamers", so this is really a pleasure to play this one!

The game lasts 4 turns. During each turn, both players are taking 2 actions alternately until they decide to pass. The winner is the player with the most population cubes + prestige points at the end of the game. You grow up your population by conquering cities and feeding them with wheat, and you win prestige points by winning cities, winning battles and building projects.

There are 12 different possible actions, including building & moving your military units (hoplites and galleys), making them collect resources produced in the territories, trade resources or start to build a project.

Important: each military action costs you 1 prestige point. Thus, you have to spend them wisely in order to make your position stronger while keeping your score high.

Polis is a quite complex game, but it offers a great freedom of actions in a very realistic historical context. The situations are various and fascinating, with a lot of interaction between players. We strongly recommand it to every core gamer.

The adaptation of Polis for Board Game Arena has been realized by Sunil Patel using BGA Studio. Sunil did an incredible job considering this is his first adapation for BGA: a big thank you for this!

Board Game Arena would also like to send a big Thank You to Asylum Games for this wonderful game. We wish you all the success you deserve, and hope this game will become a classic!
12/12/20141 comment


We are extremely proud to welcome Hanabi, a game by Antoine Bauza, published by Cocktail Games.

Hanabi is a cooperative card game for 2 to 5 players. This game wins the most prestigious award for board games in 2013: the "Spiel Des Jahres". The central mechanism of the card is absolutely original and astonishing: while playing Hanabi you hold your cards... back to front! Consequently all your partners are seeing your cards... and you don't!

The goal of the game is to create a great firework show by playing the fireworks in the right order: from 1 to 5 in each colors. At your turn, you must do one of the following 3 actions:
  • play a card from your hand... which looks extremely difficult at the beginning of the game considering you don't see your cards. That's why the second possible action is...
  • ... give a hint to another player about his/her cards. You can say for example: "this card is a 2", or "these 2 cards are red". Unfortunately, it costs you 1 of your precious 8 blue token to do this. To get back some blue tokens, you will be forced to sometimes do the third action:
  • ... discard a card from your hand. Thus, you can get back a blue token. But be careful: there is a limited number of cards from each type, so you can block the team if you discard the wrong cards...

So, will you manage to create the complete fireworks without doing the fatal 3rd mistake?

Hanabi is an extraordinary game. This is a truly cooperative game, because no player has a complete view of the situation. Consequently everyone has to help each other to win the game. Please note that as Hanabi is a cooperative game, some adaptations has been made to BGA specifically for it (more details).

This adaptation of Hanabi for Board Game Arena has been developed by Cyril Harper (arlequ1) using BGA Studio with the precious help of Pierre Gamberoni (beri). A big thank you to them!

BGA would like to send a big thank you to Matthieu, Pascaline and Miguel from Cocktail Games, and also to Antoine Bauza for their help, their feedback and their implication. It was far from obvious to build this adaptation, so it was very precious. Any way you look at it, Hanabi is definitely not a "little game"!

11/18/20148 comments

Tomorrow on BGA...

11/17/201412 comments

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