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Time Machine

As some of you knows, the BGA team is now working hard on some mysterious "Time Machine" project.

A lot of you wonder what is hidden behind this strange name...

Today, we'd like to share with you a little piece of information with you: the "Time Machine" project is composed of 2 things:
  • A new additional mode to enjoy board game online, that will coexist with the current one. This new mode won't affect the "current BGA", so don't be afraid: this is a new possibility to extend the audience of BGA to a new category of audience.
  • A new game. This game is of course particularly adapted to this new mode, and it is also one of the game you expected the most.

We know that some of you consider that BGA shouldn't evolve anymore because it's fine as it is now, but our approach is totally different. We always tried to explore new things in the past, and we will continue in the future. In any case, we are listening to you and try to rectify new things when they are not 100% satisfying - like we did with the new "lobby". As long as your criticisms are constructive, you are really really helpful to make this website even better (thank you!).

See you soon for more details...
04/21/2014 Comment on this

A lot of new things!

There have been a lot of change on BGA recently and there will be a lot of changes soon. Let's have a look on all of this:
  • At first, we would like to welcome a new moderator: lilmizsunshine (Priscilla) is from Canada. She recently joined the team valiant team of moderators who make this website pleasant for everyone. Thank you, and thank you Tyfo (Denmark), Divundu (South Africa), Skean Dau (USA) and Pizus (Italy) !!
  • Perudo is a very good and very fun dice game published by Asmodée for all audience. Perudo is ideal when you want to play with a group of 4-5 players :)
  • Twin Tin Bots is a tricky robot programming games from the famous designer Philippe Keyaerts (SmallWorld).
  • Kalah (Mancala) is a classic game from the public domain, for 2 players.

Now, the big news: in the near future, we are going to introduce a major evolution on Board Game Arena, project codename "Time Machine". This is an important step in the development of BGA, and we hope it will contribute to allow you to make your gaming experience online even more fun and pleasant.

We'll be back soon with details about this.
04/12/201431 comments


We're happy to introduce a new classic game on BGA: Kalah (aka "Mancala" or Kalaha).

Kalah is a classic "sowing" game. Each of the 2 players is on one side of the board, with at start 3 seeds in each pit ("house"). At your turn, you take all seeds in a pit on your side and you drop one seed in each house in turn. The pit at the extreme right of the board is your "store": you win 1 points each time you drop a seed in it (and by the way: you can play another time if this is your last seed is dropped in it). Finally, if your last seed end in an empty house on your side, you can capture all the seed in the opposite house.

As many classic game, Kalah is both simple and tricky, so we encourage you to discover it!

This very beautiful Kalah adaptation for Board Game Arena has been developed by Stanislav Stepanenko (stst). Stanislav is really an extraordinary developer, because this is his second adaptation on BGA (after Pylos), but also because at the same time he managed to be one of the best player on Board Game Arena (4th at the overall prestige ranking at now). Thank you and congratulation!!
04/06/20141 comment

Soon on BGA...

After Twin Tin Bots and Perudo, why not a new classic game on BGA?

Can you guess its name from the following clue:

04/03/201418 comments

BGA soon available on your smartwatch!

Do you ever dream of being able to play on Board Game Arena anytime, including during one of these boring, endless meetings at work?

BGA is currently working with Microsoft to make this dream come true, by bringing Board Game Arena on Microsoft's smartwatch concept.

Last month, we selected 10 lucky BGA players to test this new way of playing board games, and their were pretty enthusiastic with the new device:

Eric: "This way amazing, I even managed to play Race for the Galaxy under the shower."

Peter: "Well, I must admit that I select the wrong card from time to time, but this is not important, right? This is soooo cute!"

Ted: "This innovation is a major breakthrough. This is going to completely change the way we are playing board games."

The whole BGA team is now working to adapt games for the new platform, so consequently the BGA website will not evolve much during this period of time. But who cares having new games when you know that in the late 2014 you'll be able to bring BGA with you anywhere?
04/01/20148 comments

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