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Adjustments on quitting players

In last January, we changed the way we handle game clock and quitting players on BGA (unique clock, skip turn function, and so on).

A lot of you react about this new system in the forum. Thanks to your help we identified and fixed some bugs, and removed/updated some of the new features.

Now, the new system is simpler than the old one, and we have still an average of 98% of "games finished with everyone on board" on BGA, so we are quite happy with this evolution.

However, we are still concerned about some of your remarks, and decided to do some minor changes to address them.

Here is the list of changes:
  • Like yesterday: there is a unique clock for each player, and a "skip turn" button appears as soon as the clock is negative (no change).
  • Addition: you can't skip the turn of a player who have more time than you, even his time is negative. So if you choose to allow your opponent to play with a huge negative clock, he/she cannot skip your turn when you are 1 second below zero.
  • Update for turn-based mode: when you skip the turn of a player, all his following turns are skipped instantaneously until he eventually join back the game - just like we do in real-time mode. Note: as it was until today, you was able to only skip 1 turn, and then you had to wait that your opponent clock decrease below zero again to skip another turn.
  • Addition: as soon as at least 1 turn has been skipped, we display a banner at the top of the game that say the following: "Player XXX left this game (at Y% of the game progression) and lost this game. All other players will be considered 1st. You can continue to play if you like, or [quit] this game without any penalty".
  • Note: to be 100% clear: this means that you are to continue to play "just for fun", but it counts for nothing. In any way, player that left the game are considered as the last player in results (with associated ELO losses in addition to a "leave" penalty), and the other players will be considered as winners (all tied in 1st place).
  • Note: ... and this is true whatever your choice is: continue the game until the end or quit it without penalty.
  • At the end of the game, the quitter has a "leave" penalty (in addition to the "clock" penalty), plus a loss of ELO corresponding to his last position.
  • At the end of the game, the others players have a ELO gains corresponding to a 1st position (tied), multiplied by the percentage of progression of the game where the quitter left the game. Example: if the quitting player left the game at 95% of the game progression, you will get 95% of the ELO you would have won as a normal winner. This way, this is always more interesting to continue a game until the end than skipping turn of an opponent that is just below zero.

We think that this new system combines the advantages of the old system (possibility to leave a pointless game after a player left + incentive to not using the "expel player" button) and the new system (simple clock + discourage "rage quit" one move before the end). In addition, it is even more simple than the current one (and it works exactly the same with realtime and turnbased).
04/27/2015 Comment on this

New feature on BGA soon

We have been working for some months, on and off, as time allowed, on a new feature for BGA. It's not perfect, but there is not much that can be improved further before launch, so it will be released soon.

Will you be able to guess what it is? Please don't hesitate to be a little wild in your guesses: this can also be a pool of ideas for the future! :D
04/26/201535 comments

We answer YOUR questions!

Usually we don't communicate very much about BGA - we prefer to work on new games and improving the platform. To fix this we decided to launch a questions&answers about any BGA related subject (how it works? why it works this way? who are we?...).

Please ask questions about BGA on this post comment, and we will select the most interesting one and publish an answer. Please avoid questions that are already in the BGA FAQ.

If this idea is successful, we will repeat it regularly.

Important: 1 question per member. You can ask the same question than another member to make it more popular and increase its chance to be selected ;)
04/25/201515 comments

The Palaces of Carrara

We are proud and happy to introduce today The Palaces of Carrara, a game by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling, published by Hans im Glück.

In this game, you have to build palaces in kingdom cities. To do this you must use resource blocks coming from a spinning wheel. On your turn, you must do one of the 3 following actions:

  • Pick some resource blocks on the wheel.
  • Build a building.
  • Score. You can score points depending on your buildings and objectives.

Because of the objectives, this game is a race, and one of the key point to success is to observe your opponents and try to guess when they are going to score. The Palaces of Carrara is really easy to learn, with very simple actions, and we recommend it for everyone. After your first game, we recommend you to play with the "Expansion" option, so you can enjoy all the subtleties of this rich game.

To learn more about the game, you can watch the following walk through:

This beautiful adaptation has been developed by Pierre Scelles (pikiou) using BGA Studio. Pierre is now a veteran BGA Studio developer, and he did an incredible job: thanks a lot!

BGA would also like to send a big "thank you" to the whole Hans im Glück team for their wonderful games, and for making it possible to have this game here.

04/20/20155 comments

The Palaces of Carrara: beta test

...if you'd like to test the next game on BGA (The Palaces of Carrara, by Wolfgang Kramer et Michael Kiesling), you can register on the following group (limited number of places):!group?id=1224985
04/16/20153 comments

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