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New : Your favorite color

As gamers we all have our little and strange habits. One of our most common habit when playing board games is to always play with the same color.

Finally, we decided to introduce a new "favorite colors" preferences. From your preferences page, you can select your first/second/third/fourth favorite color, so we can attribute it to you if available.


Important :
  • This feature is available only for Club members.
  • This feature is available only for games where all colors are symmetric, with no influence on the game. For example it does not work for Chess, Colt Express, Tash-Kalar or Libertalia.
  • When several Club members are on a table, the top priority is given to the table administrator (= creator of the table), and then priorities are totally random.

Please don't hesitate to give us your feedback on this feature and report any issue.

11/25/2015 Comment on this

Dark Agent

On Board Game Arena, you are used to see board games that are best sellers already on stores. But sometimes we are happy to introduce you some games that do not exists yet, and will hopefully exists soon thanks to crowdfunding. From today you can try Dark Agent, a game by Rudolf Feller and publisher by Space Reindeers.

Dark Agent will be on Kickstarter starting December 4th!

Dark agent is a game for 1 to 6 players. You are in charge of a national secret service agency. Send your team in the theater of operations (TDO) and complete missions. You can use spy equipments, neutralize sentinels or foreign spies, and you have to collect aims to earn victory points. Take the control of your nation spy satellites, and jam your opponent's sats. Deploy your spies to enforce your actions on the TDO ... or use undercover agents from other players and other nations.

The 7x6 conflict area grid offers thousands of tactical possibilities to win. Place your sats according to your own strategy... and counter opponents initiatives...
Eliminate sentinels to clear your missions ...or use them to protect sensible areas.

Boost your attacks with the adrenaline, spawn confusion swapping agents with the jet-pack. Sniper rifle will enhance your possibilities of shooting. Use explosives to succeed overprotected aims, grab the rocket launcher, take the control of a 4th satellite with the suitcase, and many others...

The game uses an unique board mechanics for the rotation of the Earth and satellites moves, and offers endless TDO strategy possibilities.

For Board Game Arena players, an unique additional aim card is proposed.

Dark Agent has been developed directly by its game designer Rudolf using BGA Studio : thank you to him for this game and this adaptation.
11/20/20151 comment

Tournaments and new features

We are happy to introduce 3 new features for BGA :

Tournaments creation

This feature has been requested for a long time by many of you, and we are very happy to make it available now. We introduced tournaments on BGA a long time ago, and from the start we were thinking about allowing everyone of you to create tournaments, but tournament management is something which is particularly difficult and we couldn't do it until now.

To answer all your questions about tournaments we just started a FAQ on tournaments. Please don't hesitate to ask questions there.

Club membership markers

Every Club members has now a little mark Image on its avatar, to thank them for their support.

We announced some weeks ago that we'd like to give more visibility and more functionalities to BGA club members, and we will regularly introduce new stuff & features like this :)

Offer a BGA Club membership

Your friend/wife/husband is asking what would makes you happy for Christmas and you don't know what to answer?

Well, now using this link and your BGA username, you can (kindly) suggest them to offer you a BGA Club membership, so you can enjoy BGA a lot more and support this service at the same time :)

11/11/20155 comments


We are happy to announce that Nautilus, a game by Charles Chevalier published by Libellud, is now available on Board Game Arena :)


Nautilus is an underwater card game for 2 players. On each round, you must place your divers to earn domain cards placed in the submarine. At the end of the 6th round, the player who has the most points (= stars) in a domain wins this domain, and the player with the majority of domains wins the game.

To earn a domain card, you must have on your side a diver with a higher value than the diver on the other side. The trick is the following: on your turn, you can place a card on your side or on your opponent's side. Consequently a diver with a value of 1 is an excellent card (you can place it on your opponent side).

Some cards also trigger a special effect: when you place a diver with a value of 6 or 9, you can take any diver and move it to the opposite side of the submarine. And when you place a diver with a value of 7 or 8, you can take any diver on the same side and move it horizontally to a free place.

In addition, at the beginning of each round, each player gets a special card that can be used once in the round with a very special effect.

Now everyone (even John Snow) knows everything about Nautlus, which is an excellent and fast 2 players game: we strongly recommend you to try it!

BGA would like to thank the extraordinary team from Libellud who always find pearls like this one (and by the way you should definitely Mysterium and Loony Quest).

Finally, we'd like to address a big "thank you" to Stanislav Stepanenko (stst) who developed this adaptation, and who is both one of the best players on BGA and one of the best developers on BGA Studio. Double congratulations!
11/04/20151 comment

Nautilus BETA test

Want to try the next game on BGA before anyone else?

Discover and play Nautilus.

Please report any bug you may encouter in: community / report a bug.

Thanks for your feedback!

As announced some weeks ago, we'd like to give more visibility and more functionalities to BGA club members. This is why we chose to give to Club members the possibility to beta-test games before they are available for everyone. So during this (short) beta-test period, only Club members can create Nautilus tables, and of course anyone can join and play.

By the way, we recently introduced a new "offer a membership" feature: from this page you can now offer a membership to another player... or you may suggest to your friend/mum/grandma/cat to offer you a BGA membership (Merry Christmas!) :)
11/03/20153 comments

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