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05/02/20161 comment

We answer YOUR questions (2)

A few days ago, we invited you to ask us questions. Thank you all for your questions and your interest for BGA :)

Sorry, we can't answer ALL questions, but we tried to picked the most interesting/popular ones.

Can you please add game XXXX (or expansion XXX) to Board Game Arena? When will game XXX be on BGA? What will be the next games on BGA?

As it was last year, this is your most frequent question :)

You can read the answer on the FAQ right here.

Why there is no UNDO button on BGA?

  • This is really difficult to implement. This is difficult to explain to non-developers, but basically on BGA we let programmers do whatever visual effects they want when a move is played. In consequence, the is no generic solution to revert these move on the interface. Some games build a game-specific system to do it (ex: Tash Kalar, Dungeon Twister) which cannot be extended to others games without a lot of pain. A game (TTA) finds a solution that requires a browser refresh, which is acceptable in turn-based mode, but not in real-time (imagine your browser has to refresh for every opponent's undo).
  • We don't consider this as a priority. Yes a lot of players are complaining about this, but is there really a majority of players that would accept to wait that some opponents take back their move 2 or 3 times before deciding? So sometimes we are considering specific situation, and especially game-specific situation, but I'm not sure this option will be used by the majority of players here once proposed in the future.
  • The final solution to this is an update of BGA Framework with a complete different approach, and many other improvements. Let's call it "BGA 2.0". And yes, we are working on it, for a long time, but this is a long-terme challenge :).

Some games are practically not played : are you going to remove them?

Of course not. We are thinking about solutions to make them played!

My game interface is too big / too little

BGA is browser based : you can use your browser zoom in / zoom out function to adapt the interface to your taste (CTRL + / CTRL -).

Will you implement Pass and play functionality?

Maybe ... but at now we suggest you to buy this board game and play it in real life :)

Questions on reputation : Red thumb are unfair / I cannot block a player / ...

BGA reputation system is quite efficient to exclude problematic players, but it has some flaws : quite complex, not beginner-friendly, sometimes unfair ...

We are now thinking on an evolution of this system in the next months. This is not going to be easy because we want this system to be as efficient as it is now for experienced players, and more simple and fair for beginners.

A BGA founder is now working full time on BGA : are you satisfied of the first months and what to expect for the future?

Yes, we are very satisfied. This service is really big now, and it was really required to have someone working full time on BGA. Since the beginning of this year, a lot of improvements has been accomplished to make this service more reliable and more professional. Some of this work is visible (mobile version, secured version), some is invisible but make this service more fast/reliable.

Of course, all of this multiplied the cost to make this service run : the Club memberships does not cover at now the total cost of the service BUT we expect that this will be the case before the end of this year. To convince more of you to become members, we introduced "Premium games" - games that only members can start. In the future we'd like to build a solid catalog of "Premium games" for Club members so a lot of new games or game expansion will join BGA as "Premium games" in 2016.

So what you can expect from this in the future? There is a single answer : more. More games, more reliable&fast service, better design, more functionalities, and so on ... :)

Do you have an office?

No. We are nomads :)

When will bug XXX be fixed?

There are 90 different games, most of them are quite complex, on BGA and +13.000 games played here.

We care about bugs, and that's why we developed a Bug section on BGA that allow everyone of you to report a bug even if you are not a developer.

Based on this, you'll not be surprised that we get a lot of bug reports from you (approximately 5 to 10 per day). Even if a lot of different developers are working on BGA, this is way too much to handle them all, especially when you consider that a lot of these bugs are not really bugs but feature requests, temporary server failure, duplicate of previously reported bugs, or game rules misunderstanding.

This is why we need you to tell us what bugs are the most important ones, using the "voting" system. When fixing a bug on a game, we always give priority to the bugs with the highest number of votes (even this is not the only decision criteria). So please use this system to help us.

Can we have tournaments with 3 players games?

We did a lot for tournaments recently : last year we open tournament creation to the community. At the beginning of this year we added a new tournament style (round robin).

Even in real-life, tournaments are mostly 2 players : for a lot of reasons, tournaments with games involving more than 2 opponents can be quite difficult (ex: some tournaments configuration may encourage kingmaking). So yes, it is a possibility for the future, but there is no plan to have it in the near future.

How is compute prestige points for tournaments?

Like in real life, the prestige of a tournament depends mostly on the level of registered players.

Why don't you provide a "guest" access on BGA?

We don't want to have "guest" players that don't care about their reputation playing on BGA. BGA provides an access to 90 games with hours of pleasure and registration takes less than a minute, so this is not really a problem :)

I'm not a programmer but I want to add a game on BGA?

Stay tuned. We may have something for you soon.
04/25/20166 comments

Nile and Evo : 2 new games on BGA

We are proud to introduce today 2 new games on Board Game Arena :

Nile is a game by Daniel Callister published by Minion Games.

Nile is a set collection game with a euro-style feel. There are 5 suits each representing a resource type in Egypt. There are also specialty cards showing multiple resource types. Players draft cards into their hands and play them following simple rules. At the beginning of every turn a flood card is drawn showing one or more resource type. That resource type is harvested by the player currently growing it. The best way to learn how to play is probably to watch this nice Review by The Dice Tower.

Nile adaptation for BGA has been developed by Andrew Kerrison using BGA Studio : thank you a lot Andrew!

BGA would like to thanks Minion Games for having the idea to have this game here!


Evo : the game no name is a game by Giancarlo Rainelli published by Edicarton.

"Evo : the game no name" is an abstract game for 2 or 4 players where the goal is to capture the enemy castle. Pieces are moving depending on their orientation : there are 4 different orientations that allow 4 different movement possibilities, from the fast "catapult" to the defensive "shield". After moving a piece, you can change its rotation to change completely the situation. The first player to capture an enemy Castle wins the game.

Evo adaptation for BGA has been realized by André Martins using BGA Studio : thank you a lot André!

BGA would like to thanks Giancarlo Rainelli for having the idea to have this game here!


04/15/20167 comments

Secured BGA


BGA is now available using an encrypted connection at URL : https://boardgamearena.com

Some browsers (ex : Chrome) recently restricts the use of some features like audio/video chat to encrypted website. This is why we are going to redirect all of you to this encrypted website in some days. In the meantime, it would be very cool if you can give it a try and check that everything is fine for you. If it is not, please contact us as soon as possible to we can fix it before making the new encrypted version the default.

Thank you everyone to help us to make this service more reliable and secured.
04/11/201618 comments

April Fools' Day : Artificial intelligence

Thanks to all of you for your laughs and comments on yesterday's BGA April Fools' Day joke.

Like you, we like board games because this is a way to exchange with (real) people, a way to meet new people, and a way to share the pleasure of game. A shared pleasure: this is why we consider that playing board games is more enjoyable than playing a video game alone.

So yes, we are thinking about introducing some AI on BGA, but not to push you to play alone. AI would be good to replace a player that left a game halfway through, to help beginners to learn a game, or to play the "3rd or 4th player" for a game that is better in such a configuration. By the way we invite all developers that would be interested to develop an AI on BGA to contact us (contact (at) boardgamearena.com).

Long live board games! And long live (human) board games players!
04/02/20167 comments

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