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At some point, it had to happen! BGA is now very happy to host a timeless classic, Chess.

No need to tell you about a strategy board game that is one of the most popular in the world! 'Checkmate' has become part of our everyday language, even for non gamers.

Sure, some people will ask: but why did you do that? There are already so many places where I can play chess on the internet!
Well, because we can! ;) BGA is of course perfectly suited for classic games, it was interesting to implement, it was a lot of fun to rediscover this great game, and believe it or not, we got some really good feedback about our implementation of Checkers! A lot of players love their classics, and furthermore, all starting positions from Chess960 are available to break the habits of those who can already play classic chess in their sleep just from memory.

Some BGA old timers will even remember that at some point, people tried to play Chess using ASCII characters through the BGA chat: that was too strong a need to ignore forever ;)

Also, something tells me that you won't have long to wait before having to guess the name of another "next game"!

And finally, we would like to thank phil_s_stein and ChazM who started working on Chess in the BGA studio two years ago. Even though they didn't get to the point where the game was playable, we reused some of their work, especially images for pieces and the game icon, which looks great. Thanks guys!

PS: a small warning on timers for Chess on BGA. The "fast" mode is REALLY fast, so that you can play "blitz" games on BGA. "normal" is quite fast (15-20 minutes games), and "slow" is supposed to allow you to play a game in 30-40 minutes. And of course, we recommend turn-based mode for players who like to take their time to think before making their move!
03/29/20152 comments

Soon on Board Game Arena...

03/27/201532 comments


We are proud and happy to introduce Quantum, a game by Eric Zimmerman published by Funforge.

Because one good news never comes alone, we are happy to announce at the same time that Quantum is now available again in your shop or on the Funforge online store. You know what you have to do :)

Quantum is an addictive space conquest game for 2-4 players. You command a fleet of spaceships, and you try to use them to be the first to place all your "Quantum cubes" on the board.

Spaceships of this game are a little special: they are represented by dice on the board. Each die value correspond to a spaceship type, and gives its move value and its combat value. For example: a "1" die correspond to a "Battle station" which moves slowly but is very powerful. In contrast, a "6" die corresponds to a "Scout" which moves fast but is weak in battle. In addition, each spaceship has a special ability. For example, a "2" spaceship has a "Transport" ability and can embed another die during its move.

To place a Quantum cube, you need to place your spaceships in orbit around a planet so that the sum of all dice values corresponds exactly to the planet's value. For example, to place a cube on a planet with a 8 value, you may use a "3" die and a "5" die, or two "4" dice.

But placing your dice in orbit is not so easy! First, on each turn you can only do a maximum of 3 actions (moving, placing a Quantum cube, deploying a previously destroyed spaceship, researching new technology to improve your fleet), and placing a Quantum cube costs you 2 actions. Second, your opponents won't let you place cubes without a fight, because there is a limited number of available spaces for cubes on each planet.

Quantum is a great and addictive game. The 3 possible actions, combined with the "special abilities" and "improvement" cards give you a lot of possibilities on your turn, so each turn is indeed a new challenge to win the cube race.

If you want to learn how to play, we recommend the "Watch it played" video below.

The Quantum adaptation for Board Game Arena has been developed by Pierre Scelles using BGA Studio: yet another great adaptation from Pierre, thank you so much!

And of course, BGA would like to thank the Funforge team for this excellent game, for the remarkable quality of all their games, and for their authorization to have this game here on BGA.

03/06/20151 comment

Some volunteers for Quantum beta test?

... if you'd like to test the next game on BGA (Quantum, a game by Eric Zimmerman) before anyone else? Please post a comment below!

Note: beta test is planned to start on February 26th.
02/24/2015167 comments

Soon on Board Game Arena...

02/23/201526 comments

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