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Soon on Board Game Arena...

08/27/201518 comments

The next best thing

When we started working on Board Game Arena, our goal was to create the next best thing to enjoy board games, right after a game night with friends around a solid wood table (which stays, of course, our all-time favourite).

Over the years since BGA's launch in 2010 and with the help of the community, we covered a lot of ground with pretty scarce resources and we are proud of the result. But still, up until now, you couldn't see a drop of sweat glide on the brow of your opponent after you put him in a difficult position, or hear his anguished swearing when understanding that his master plan was gonna backfire big time ;)

After watching a long time for the right technology to emerge, and after more than one year in the works with ups and downs, we are proud to introduce to BGA audio and video chat!


As a matter of fact you could already do this by firing Skype in parallel with BGA, but the process of exchanging nicknames and so on was not so convenient, so we wanted it built in, independent of any external software, so that it would be as easy to use as possible.

So how does it work?

  • First, you'll need a modern browser implementing the WebRTC technology. Simply put, you'll need Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, which are the recommended browsers to use BGA anyway ;)

  • Second, when starting a game, you'll need to set the 'Audio-Video' option to select either 'audio only' or 'audio/video'. Then you'll get prompted for authorization to access your hardware by your browser, and after you accept, the video will appear over your player avatar (it will be small, but you can click on it to resize it and drag it anywhere you please on the page). Other videos will appear right after other players join and accept to share their cameras/microphones, so you can check that everything works in the lobby before starting the game.

And... That's it!

Some words of warning...

  • This technology is still new, not standardized in browsers yet. It's experimental and it depends on a lot of things to work (camera/microphone being properly installed on your computer, browsers implementing the technology, networks being reliable and steady, internet providers not filtering out some needed protocols with firewalls and so on). As a consequence, your mileage may vary. In case of a glitch, please remember: refresh (F5) is your friend!

  • Before reporting a bug in the BGA bug tracking system, please make sure that the appropriate conditions are met (for example by checking that other sites such as or using the same technology are working properly) and if you do report a bug, please document it thoroughly. Also, it would be interesting if you could contribute to this thread by posting working configurations (country / internet provider / browser / operating system) for fellow players to know if potential trouble comes from their setup or from something else.

  • Displaying multiple video streams on a page is resource intensive. You should definitely try the video in a two player game before joining a 10 players game of 6 nimmt with video on! (browser crash almost guaranteed under these conditions)

  • When an active speaker is close to a microphone, it can create a sound loop (Larsen effect) that is a little harsh on the ears! ;) For a better experience, using a computer headset with microphone is advised.

  • Even with a nice community like we enjoy here on BGA, this is the internet and you can get in contact with the occasional not so nice guy, so you should probably use video chat with friends or people that you feel are all-right from playing online previously with them. Or just be ready for the occasional moron: remember that you can mute both sound and video by clicking on the video then on the appropriate icons.

And some words of thanks!

We usually don't give much thought about technology, often taking it for granted, while it relies on lots and lots of work and incremental progress. Bringing this functionality to BGA wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of Google and Mozilla engineers, and a lot of other tech-minded guys before them.

A big thank you to them and to anyone contributing free and open technologies that other people can build upon!
08/16/201512 comments

Noir: Killer VS Inspector

We have the pleasure to introduce you today to Noir: Killer VS Inspector, a game from D. Brad Talton, Jr. published by Level 99 Games.

Noir: Killer VS Inspector presents you with the confrontation between a killer doing his job pretty well, and an inspector trying to do his own job well too by stopping the former. You can be either one of those two. As the inspector, arresting innocents won't stop the killings, so you'll have to accurately guess who the killer is among 25 suspects cards displayed as a 5x5 table. As the killer, well, you have two options: just kill enough people (16) without getting caught, and you win; or, well, you can just kill the inspector, and be done with this annoying meddling from the police :)

On his turn, the killer and the inspector can shift one row horizontally or vertically to change who's next to whom. This is important, since the other main action for both of them depends on proximity: the killer can kill anyone next to him, and the inspector can arrest anyone next to him (if he arrests the killer, he wins; if he arrests an innocent, he releases him in the morning after filing some paperwork and making excuses). In addition to that, the inspector can choose to exonerate one suspect among 4 in his hand, and the killer can disguise himself to exchange his identity with one picked at random among suspects not yet proven innocent or deceased. Some of these actions also have a "canvassing" effect that gives a proximity clue as to the identity of the killer or inspector.

As you guessed from this description, Noir is a deductive game, with an extra nice and tense atmosphere for those of us who like noir police movies. It can go pretty fast or last longer depending on the level of caution exercised by the players, but anyway it goes, you'll get into character pretty quickly!

Please note that the default game option in BGA matches the "Advanced variant" from the rulebook, which is now considered the standard way to play the game by the designer. Nonetheless, you'll also be able to select the classic option for an alternative gameplay (there is no canvassing,and the disguise action kills the suspect matching the secret identity of the killer instead of proving him innocent).

Noir: Killer VS Inspector is the first of 6 mystery games included in the NOIR boxed game. A brand new "black box edition" of this minigames library has just been released last month, and is available now in Europe, the USA and Canada.

We would like to thank the publisher Level 99 Games for giving us the opportunity to host this game on Board Game Arena, and to congratulate the developer ch huang who did a really great job with this adaptation, especially considering that it is his first development with BGA studio!

07/19/201515 comments

Tash-Kalar official CGE World series 2015

Czech Games Edition and Board Game Arena are happy to organize this summer the very first official World contest of Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends.

This tournament is open to everyone. This is a 100% online tournament, all on BGA. You may even win some CGE games!

Qualifying series will take place on July 23th and July 24th. There will be 10 qualifying series, with 3 matches to be played (Swiss System - each match = one hour). You are allowed to register to ONE and only ONE of these series - for example the serie with a date/time that suits you best. Be careful, if you register to several qualifying series, you may be disqualified.

Here is the list of qualifying tournaments:!tournamentl ... 017&page=0

The 20 first players from each qualifying tournament will be qualified for the semifinals on July 27th and July 28th (again, 3 matches, Swiss System).

Finally, the 20 firsts players from the semi-finals will be able to participate to the World final on August 10th.

Good luck everyone!
07/14/201550 comments

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