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Keyflower BETA test

Want to try the next game on BGA before anyone else?

Discover and play Keyflower from Richard Breeze and Sebastian Bleasdale.

As usual, during this beta test phase, only Club members can open new tables.

Please report any bug you may encouter in: community / report a bug.

Thanks for your feedback!
02/11/2016 Comment on this

Soon on Board Game Arena ...

02/09/201630 comments

Hanafuda: Koi-koi

We are really happy today to release Koi-koi, a two player game of Hanafuda (Japanese traditional cards game).


Hanafuda is very distinctive from Western style cards from the small size of the cards (sometimes called tiles), and from the flower and animal patterns they picture. Each set of four cards matches a month of the year, and depicts flowers and animals associated with that time of the year.

As you might assume, the flow of the game is also quite distinct from Western cards (at least any I have played). On their turn, players will try to "capture" cards by matching pairs from cards on the "field" (eight cards drawn face-up at the start of the round), once with a card from their hand, then once again with the top card from the deck of undistributed cards. If no capture can be made, the card is discarded to the field.

These captures go on until one of the players has created one of many possible special cards combination, called "yaku". At that point, the player must choose either to stop and score the points associated with that yaku, or say "Koi!" (which means "let's go on!") and try to increase his score by improving that yaku or creating another one. But of course, saying "Koi!" is also a big risk, since your opponent will maybe create a yaku of his own and choose to score and end the round before it's your turn again...

This game has a strong component of luck, but you'll quickly discover that it's in fact all about managing your luck (with the stop or Koi! choice, and of course capturing pairs at the right time to advance your game while hindering your opponent) over a period of 12 or 6 rounds (who represent the months of one full year or half a year).

Also, Koi-koi is in fact the first gambling game on BGA! :) Hanafuda was an actual money game in Japanese gambling houses, and our implementation tries to keep that spirit: you start with a specific amount of gold pieces ("Koban") and each time you win or lose, money is exchanged for the score (after applying potential multipliers). So you have two ways of winning: either play through the 12 or 6 months and finish with more money than your opponent, or just quickly run him down by getting all his money very fast!

Koi-koi is a quick and fun game with a very distinctive feel. We encourage you to try it and hope you'll enjoy it!

To conclude this news, we would like to thank the two people that helped this be possible:
  • Brian Hanechak (BrianHanechak) started the development of the game on BGA studio while being locked down at home during a snowstorm, then did a lot of the implementation work, and in the process caused me to study and learn to love Hanafuda;
  • Kelsey Cretcher designed a great set of illustrations for Hanafuda cards and kindly allowed us to use them for the BGA implementation, to which they bring a beautiful and modern look. If you like her work, you can see more of her illustrations on the website http://www.kelseycretcher.com.
A big thank you to both of them!
02/01/201615 comments

A new game for February

It's almost ready! Can you guess the name of this new game from this (altogether unknown ;) ) logo?

01/29/201646 comments

Xiangqi (Chinese chess)

We are happy to introduce today one of the most played board games on Earth : Xiangqi, also called Chinese Chess.

Picture by Drolexandre / CC BY

For those who are familiar with Chess: Chinese chess has a lot of similarities with Chess, but is in fact a really different game. Of course, Xiangqi is an abstract game for 2 players where the goal is to capture the enemy King/General.

Important note: traditional Xiangqi is using ideograms on pieces, but if you are not familiar with these you choose to display Western pieces instead from the in-game menu / preferences / Piece Style / western.

Here are some interesting things to know :
_ pieces are placed on intersections.
_ the board is crossed by a river (that your Elephants can't cross).
_ your General starts in a special zone of the board (your "palace"), with 2 "guards". These 3 pieces are not allowed to leave your palace.
_ a Canon is moving a little bit like a "Rook", except for captures: he has to "jump" over another single piece (friend or foe) before capturing a piece after the jumped piece.

To learn how to play you can watch this video.

Xiangqi adaptation for Board Game Arena has been developed by wucnuc using BGA Studio: thank you a lot for having this idea and for this brilliant adaptation!
01/19/20169 comments

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