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Server instability

You probably noticed that BGA service is having some stability difficulties these 4 past days.

We owe you an full explanation of the reasons of these stability issues, and what we are doing to solve them. Here it is:

From the beginning of Board Game Arena, the real-time notification service that allows you to be notified of your opponents moves is having some weakness and instabilities. If you are sometimes disconnected/reconnected, if you have to do "F5" very often during a game, or if you sometimes discover that it was your turn despite your browser says it is not... then you experienced this weakness.

Five years ago, when we created BGA, a website that was able to be updated in realtime was very uncommon. Very few technologies was existing at this time to do this. We had to do some specific work to achieve this, but as you notice it was not 100% reliable.

Now, the situation is quite different. The technology has evolved, and there are now good and reliable technologies to have a realtime support in browsers. We recently decided to switched to one of this new technology.

This change is not easy. This is like replacing some building foundations without breaking the building. 4 days ago, few hours after we started to make change, the service crashes unexpectedly. Then, 4 or 5 times we thought we fixed this issue, but 4 or 5 times the service crashed again. Now, we are 100% back to the previous situation when everything was stable.

We are going to analyze what happened and will try again to do this evolution in few weeks. I know this may be painful sometimes, but this will allow all of you to enjoy a much comfortable service afterwards. Of course, we removed all penalties from the past 4 days on BGA.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the games that has been lost.
07/01/201522 comments

Benvingut! & Velkommen!

BGA is now available in Catalan and in Norwegian! Kudos to Catalan and Norwegian translators who made this possible, and thanks again to all translators helping us to make BGA a multilingual and multicultural gaming adventure!

Bulgarian and Slovenian are also very close to the 80% mark. We hope to be able to open them too very soon, as it would get us to more than 30 languages available, which would be nothing short of awesome ! :D
06/28/20151 comment

Lords of Xidit

We are proud and happy to introduce Lords of Xidit, a game by Régis Bonnessée published by Libellud.

Lords of Xidit is the re-implementation of an excellent game (Himalaya, also from Régis Bonnessée) which has been enriched and re-thematized in Seasons universe - and yes it is even better!

Lords of Xidit is a programming and "pick-up & deliver" game. You are heroes ("Idrakys") trying to protect the Kingdom's cities from some threats. To do this you must move your Idrakys from city to city to recruit fighters ("pick-up"), and then go to the threatened city to spend these fighters and kill the threat ("deliver").

At each turn, all players must program the 6 actions of their Idrakys secretly and at the same time. Then, all programs are revealed, and all actions are executed one after the other. Obviously, you'll have to guess your opponents actions to make sure they won't disturb your owns - and if possible to take advantage of them !

Lords of Xidit is a really exciting game from all perspective, with an absolutely beautiful material: we strongly recommend you to give a try and then run to your favorite shop to buy it. By the way, the game is now 100% available in shops.

Important: to celebrate the launch of Lords of Xidit on Board Game Arena, Libellud will offer "Lords of Xidit" goodies to the 10 best ranked players on July 1st at 12:00 CEST. Yeah!

To know everything about the game and how to play, we recommend you the video below from Tom Vassel.

This adaptation of Lords of Xidit for Board Game Arena has been developped by Pierre Scelles (pikiou): a huge "thank you" to him for this amazing work!

Board Game Arena would like to send a very special "thank you" to the whole Libellud team. You are both kind and talentful, and this is always a pleasure to work with you !

06/17/201510 comments

Lords of Xidit BETA test

Want to try the next game on BGA before anyone else?

You just have to join the following group (limited space!):!group?id=1260927

Thanks for your feedback!
06/12/20156 comments

Soon on Board Game Arena...


UPDATE: the good answer is: Lords of Xidit, a game by Régis Bonnessée.
06/10/201518 comments

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