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Race for the Galaxy : Rebel vs Imperium


Two months after the first expansion "The Gathering Storm", we are happy to introduce now the second RFTG expansion, "Rebel vs Imperium", on Board Game Arena. As we explained 2 months ago, this is a real pride for us to propose you to go further with this game, and if you didn't already read the news about the whys and hows all of this is happening now, we suggest you to read it.

But let's focus on the important thing : what's new on the Galaxy? Many things, including :

  • 3 new start worlds. Note that using this expansion, you must choose between 2 start worlds when you start the game, depending on your cards in hand.
  • 41 (!) new action cards (twice more than in the first expansion), including 6 new "6 cost development".
  • 5 new objectives.

In particular, Revel vs Imperium adds a new (optional) "takeover" power. Some cards allow you - under certain circonstances - to takeover your opponents military worlds. To do this, you need to have a Military that is at least equal to the cost of this world, plus the Military of your opponent. Thematically, takeovers represent border conflicts short of outright war in a galaxy still mostly at peace. If you choose a side - the Imperium or the Rebels - you expose yourself to attacks from the other side.

This expansion has been designed to be played with the first one, so you can play the two RFTG expansions together. By the way, a big thank you to the brave players who are testing this new expansion for few days : thanks to you everyone can now enjoy this expansion with no (major) bug :)

Please note that the "real" expansion includes in addition a "Solo" mode that has not been implemented on BGA.

And now is the time to make a choice : Imperium or Rebel? "You must choose, but choose wisely".

May the Galaxy be with you :)
07/18/20161 comment

A new visual identity for Board Game Arena


Dears players & dear friends,

Six years ago, the first version of Board Game Arena was released. It was something I developed for fun, during my spare time, just because there were technologies available to do it. I didn't care about producing a popular service, I didn't care about the design, I didn't care about many things, because I just wanted to show that it was possible to provide a simple service to discover board games online and promote our hobby.

I personally designed the BGA logo, which took me - maybe - 15 minutes, because it's a kind of requirement to have a logo, you know ... And after that, we never really give a damn to the general appearance of this service, or the coherence of design. We focused on making things efficient, even there were sometimes ugly. And most of you don't care about this, because there are good (and beautiful) games here.

However, players do care about the appearance, and this is why the modern board games are so beautiful. Game publishers now care a lot about the appearance of their games, and this contributes a lot to expand the audience of board games. For the same reasons, we decided to evolve, to make the appearance of BGA better and - to start - modify the visual identity of Board Game Arena.

By chance, we've been contacted by an extraordinary artistic director : Ian Parovel. Ian is a "Wonder maker", who worked both for the video game industry and the board games industry (Gosu, Colt Express, Deus, ...). Ian is also a BGA player, and tells us how much he was frustrated to see such a good service with a "suboptimal" appearance. We've been very excited when Ian accepted to work on the redesign of Board Game Arena and we'd like to thank him a lot for this!


Today, you will see very little changes on the website : the most visible changes are the colors of the navigation bar and - of course - the logo. But this is really the tip of the iceberg : the redesign of BGA will be visible step by step in the next months, and the result will be a coherent design with the new colors and the new identity.

To know more about this new identity, we asked few questions to Ian Parovel (read the interview).
06/24/201655 comments

Puerto Rico: New buildings and The Nobles expansions

We are very happy to announce today not just one, but both expansions for the excellent Puerto Rico game by Andreas Seyfarth!

Puerto Rico is one of the first games that we had the pleasure to make available online on BGA. In five years, it has been played well over half a million times, by more than 55 000 different players: those numbers look quite awesome to us :)

With the "New buildings" expansion, you'll get twice the number of buildings available in the base game (!), and a new "forest" plantation type which can be selected during the settler phase (by players owning an occupied "forest house" building) to get extra cost reductions for buildings. All those new buildings and the old ones will be used at the start of the game to draft a selection of buildings that will be available during the game, allowing for a lot of combinations to make every game one of a kind! Also, if you like a quick setup, a "random" option is available, to automatically draft the building selection at the game start.

With the "Nobles" expansion, you'll get even more buildings to draft from, and a new type of colonist, the "noble". There will be only one noble coming to the new world by the colonist boat during each "Mayor" phase, and each noble recruited during the game will be worth 1 VP at the end. But that's not all, since multiple buildings of this expansion will have a different effect depending on being occupied by a simple colonist or by a noble, so you'll have to think carefully about how to get the best value from every building!

Both of these expansions are available in the "BGA premium catalog": everyone can join a table with one of these expansions activated, but only the BGA Club members can create a table with the expansions activated. Those tables will probably fill very quickly ;)

We would like to thank Alea Spiele / Ravensburger for allowing us to create an online adaptation of Puerto Rico five years ago in the first place, and for deciding this year to go further yet by trusting us with the adaptation of the expansions. They also provided us with the beautiful art of the last boxed edition of the game, so that we could refresh the look and feel of the game and allow for zooming with better resolution graphics! (We think it's great, but please note that if you are used to the previous artwork, you can switch back to the old style by using the "Game style" in-game preference).

We hope that you'll like the extra possibilities offered by these two expansions, and enjoy lots of new games developing your ideal island in the new world!
06/12/201623 comments

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06/06/201678 comments

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