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Logger and Four Color Cards (四色牌)

Since yesterday, BGA is happy to host two new games from the public domain:

Four Color Cards (四色牌 in Chinese) is a traditional Chinese game with a very distinctive set of narrow 4 colored cards wearing symbols derived from Xiangqi, the Chinese chess game (General, Advisor, Soldier and so on). To make the game easily accessible to Western players as well as Eastern players, both the traditional Chinese ideograms and Western symbols have been included for the cards (you can switch to your favorite set through an in game preference).

It's always interesting to discover a traditional game whose mechanics have gone through the filter of the years, especially when it's coming from a different culture. In Four Color Cards, each set of one color is an army and you'll try to meld the best combinations of cards from your hand with the last drawn or discarded card. Everyone decides at the same time what he wants to do with this card, and the strategist with the best meld (and position in case of a conflict) gets it! Waiting for the right card is key, but at some point you'll have to make your move or get left behind and face harder choices down the road...

As often with traditional games, there is not a unique set of rules, but instead a lot of regional variations revolving arount the same core. The BGA implementation uses one of the most widely played rule in Taiwan; please make sure to read the gamehelp to get acquainted with the correct rules :)

Four Color Cards has been developed using BGA Studio by xNedKx. A lot of thanks to him for allowing everyone to discover this game online!


Logger is a game created by Erik Dresner for playing with the Icehouse pieces. If you get stressed sometimes by modern life and ever dreamt of downshifting to a lumberjack job in the northern forests of Canada, this game is for you! But don't be deceived by its apparent simplicity, things can get pretty heated up between loggers competing for the largest wood batch!

In Logger, you'll plant and chop trees. Easy? Well, of course first you'll have to wait for trees to grow. And those trees must be special, since they will need your attention to grow: only the trees in the line of sight of a logger (line or column) will grow, and mature trees will disperse seeds all around. Then when a tree is mature, it can be chopped for wood... if it's not protected by some protest, as some loggers are not above suggesting some environmentally inclined people to protest the cutting of trees... when that will hinder their opponents!

Thanks a lot to Erik Dresner for creating this nice game, and to marcgenesis who did a great job developing this game on BGA Studio! Thanks to them both, we'll get more of the wood we need for our real world board game pieces :)


We enjoy the opportunity to release some less known games from time to time, and hope that you'll have fun discovering them!
05/21/20165 comments

Race for the Galaxy : The Gathering Storm

Today is a very special day for our Galaxy: we are proud to introduce the first expansion for Race for the Galaxy "The Gathering Storm", designed by Thomas Lehmann.

Race for the Galaxy is one of the oldest game here on Board Game Arena, with more than 3 million (!) games played by almost 60.000 different players (!). This game is definitely a classic, one of the best existing card games for passionate gamers, and in addition to all of this it's a short game (<10 minutes here on BGA). If you never played it, we recommend you to watch this excellent "Radho Runs Through" video.

This day is really special for us because we said multiple times, here or there, that we might be asked to remove RFTG adaptation some day. But considering the success of this adaptation on Board Game Arena, Rio Grande Games decided instead to keep it, and even to go further with Board Game Arena by adding the first expansion! We think this deserves a big round of applause, both for Rio Grande Games for listening to and caring for the players community, and for all of you that made this adaptation such a success. Thank you!

This expansion includes :
  • 4 new start worlds.
  • 3 new six-cost developments.
  • 15 other new cards.
  • "First" goal cards : these cards reward the first player to achieve an objective (e.g. having 3 Alien cards).
  • "Most" goal cards : these cards reward the player who has the most of something (e.g. the greatest military strength).
  • It is possible to play with 5 players.
  • This expansion introduces an optional drafting rule for 2-3 players : before the game begins, you draft all cards, 5 by 5 to create your personal deck. Then, you play with your own deck (and your own discard) for this game (read this to know more about this rule and why it's great).

The quality of this expansion is well known among RFTG fans: it adds depth both in strategy and diversity, so it's really a must have. Note that the "physical" expansion box also includes a solo mode that is not available on BGA.

This expansion is joining the BGA "premium" catalog: it means that only Club members can choose to activate it. Like for other "premium" games, Club members can invite non-members at their table so they can enjoy the expansion too :)

... and yes, if you help us make all of this a success, there may be something else for you soon ... :)

05/10/201622 comments

BGA is on Game Nite Magazine

Thanks a lot Game Nite Magazine for their 8 pages article on Board Game Arena!

This magazine is full of magic : we strongly encourage you to read it :)

Read the article :
https://issuu.com/gamenitemagazine/docs ... 2F35331433
05/06/20167 comments

Trouble with turn-based games

As some of you have noticed very quickly, there has been trouble this afternoon with turn-based games.

You may remember from this post that we were preparing to evolve BGA into a secured web site (https).

Any change moving forward has got some risk bundled with it and this was no exception. Today after the testing period, things were looking good, so we activated automatic redirect to https... and then... we got a server crash. And with it through an hazardous chain of events that still amazes us, exchanges between the main site and the game servers caused a lot of the turn-based games "last move" timestamps to be moved into the past, and being considered obsolete... the games were closed automatically.

The bug has been fixed, and unaffected turn-based games are now playable again.

We are currently looking into restoring cancelled games, but of course such an event was completely unexpected and we are unprepared to do so. This will take time and effort, with uncertain results, but we'll do our best to restore affected games if and when it is possible. Please be advised that ongoing turn based tournaments will probably not be recoverable.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We'll keep you updated in this thread.

UPDATE May 4th : Read the full May 4th update
05/03/201645 comments

Soon on Board Game Arena ...

05/02/201639 comments

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