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My BGA story episode 1

Some time ago, we asked you to share with us your nicest stories with Board Game Arena.

Today, we publish a wonderful (love) story from Arielle. Thank you for playing & loving BGA!

Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called present.

BGA is a special present of life. We lived it, we are living it, and we will live it as long as we can.

I met my boyfriend in Zurich, where I studied as a PhD student. He was a postdoc who would soon finish his work in Lyon and planned to go back to our homeland. It was love at first-sight. We fell in love so quickly that neither of us wanted to think about the pain of a long-distance relationship. When the day of departure finally came, I tested the theory personally that the airport has witnessed more tears than anywhere else.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I was part of a Zurich board game club back then. We held games night every Sunday. Stories of games night naturally became a topic between me and my boyfriend. I shared with him all the new games we tried there: small world, sabotour 2, etc through oversea phone calls. He always listened with great interests although he knew little about board games except for the Go. I had always wanted to involve him into the world of board game, then one day, I accidently found BGA, and that's it. We started a very special tradition of spending most weekends together via BGA, and it becomes the most loyal witness of our long distance relationship for 25 months! I think our first game is Dominion, which used to be our favorite for quite a long time till it got removed from BGA (very sorry for that). We tried Race for the Galaxy several times to actually become fans of it. Now our BGA duels always start with that game. There are some games that I have played first in person on games night, then introduced it to my boyfriend (such as Tobago). But there are many other games that we played for the first time on BGA (such as Seasons, Tzolk'in, etc.). BGA has provided us with numerous games for two, and we have tried almost every game that works with two players on this site. Our favorite games do not entirely overlap, but we almost always play Race for the Galaxy, Tokaido, and Toyes every time we log on BGA. By the way, we are also big fans of Resistance/Avalon, it is quite a pity that such game does not suit the design of web-based board game platform.

I finished my study at the end of 2013 and left Europe to come to the city where my boyfriend works. I feel a bit sorry that the connection from here to BGA is not ideal, refreshing during games happens frequently. Besides, we can play face-to-face instead of online (although many games are easier that way). So we don't come to BGA as often as we used to be. Nonetheless, I want to thank everyone from the BGA community. If it was not for BGA, my boyfriend and I may not have had so much fun time together. Although BGA is not playing a big part in our life as it used to be, we still keep an eye on it. Hopefully it will be known and loved by other couples like us.

To share with us your nicest story with Board Game Arena, please write to contact@boardgamearena.com with subject "My BGA story".
08/27/2014 Comment on this

Seasons: Path of Destiny

Dear sorcerers of the Xidit Kingdom, time has come to follow the Path of your Destiny!

In last February, BGA and Libellud introduced 5 cards from the "Path of Destiny" Seasons expansion to be published in March. Now, the remaining 16 cards of the expansion are available on Board Game Arena. Click here to see more details about this.

Note that in addition to these new cards, this new expansion offers very nice additions not available on BGA : 6 new "special ability" tokens, 10 new "enchantment" cards, and a mysterious "Die of Destiny".

Board Game Arena would like to send a big "thank you" to Libellud for this expansion, and we recommend you strongly to order this new expansion for Seasons: Path of Destiny!
07/28/20142 comments

환영 합니다!

Board Game Arena is now available in Korean! This is the 27th language to become available on BGA, which is pretty incredible for us. A big, big thank you to the Korean translators who made this possible!

And of course, this is great news, because we heard that there is a lot of board game fans in Korea, so this translation will probably bring more players into the BGA community for challenging international gaming: please give them a warm welcome!
07/25/20142 comments

Dungeon Lords Anniversary edition on Kickstarter

There's only 48 hours left to pledge the wonderful Dungeon Lord anniversary edition from our partner CGE (Tzolk'in, Through the Ages), and 2 stretch goals to unlock!

If you like CGE games please don't hesitate to help them by pledging and/or share this!
07/22/2014 Comment on this

Saboteur 2

Since yesterday, we have the great pleasure to have Saboteur 2: golddiggers counter-attack! available to play on Board Game Arena!

There is of course no need to introduce Saboteur, a very famous game from Frédéric Moyersoen that enjoys a lot of success in many countries around the world. It has also been incredibly successfull on BGA: in a little more than 2 years, there has been more than 75.000 games, which is especially impressive when you consider that the most played configuration (around 60% of the games), gathers 7 players together! In fact, the game has even had its own fan creations with its own paper, the Sabbington Post, and even an official anthem on the BGA English game description page, at the end of the rules summary. That's just awesome, and I think it shows just how much players dig this game! ;)

So we are really happy to announce some fresh mining ground on BGA with the Saboteur 2 expansion! You can activate it by enabling the "Golddiggers counter-attack! (Saboteur 2)" option when starting a Saboteur table.

What's new with the expansion, you say? Well, lot's! First of all, there is now not just gold, but also gems. Then, the other players motives are now much more difficult to deduce, as each player is now not simply digger or sab, but can be one of 5 roles. The green and blue diggers each work in teams with the other dwarves of their color, and compete to get first to the gold, or to block the way with a door of their color to keep it all for themselves even if someone else discovers the treasure. The boss will get a share any way it goes, because you know, is the boss (and you don't want to mess with the boss, eh?) Saboteurs continue to break and sabotage all they can, of course, but there are also some geologists around, who don't really care about plain gold and will likely dig in every direction looking for gems! Finally, we have the profiteer, who'll get some gold whatever happens, even if the saboteurs win (but less than the other winners), and can be pretty impredictible. You'll see...

Of course, you'll also discover some new path and action cards to spice things up and keep every dwarf on their toes, fearing for the next move! Stay calm, and keep digging!

We would like to send a big thank you to the author Frédéric Moyersoen for this great game, and also to daveraux who started development on Saboteur 2 some months ago in BGA studio: it was a great start ladder to build on to continue development and get the game ready!
07/10/20146 comments

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