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Major improvement about quitting players

Everyone of you, has played at least once against an opponent that finally left the game before the end.

This is very frustrating, and this is why Board Game Arena introduced a long time ago many tools to avoid this (ex: leave penalties). Thanks to this system, more than 98% of games started on BGA come to a normal end, and we are very proud of that.

However, the current system has some major flaws.

At first, when you have a temporary Internet issue, your opponent expels you from the game and you have no way to get back if your Internet problem is fixed.

Then, some (very bad) players are quitting games when they are losing, because they prefer to get a penalty instead of loosing some precious ELO points.

Finally, the whole system is based on 2 time limits (your time to think, plus a time limit per move) and complex expelling rules that a lot of you find confusing.

Few month ago, we post a message on BGA Facebook account to propose you a new way to handle these players, and you were very excited about it. We are proud today to introduce it.

The new rules are very simple:
* There is now a unique time limit for each player of a game.
* As soon as a player is out of time (ex: because he left the game), you can make him skip his turn.
* If this player get back in the game, he can continue to play normally.
* In any case, the game continue to the end, and ELO points are scored.
* You can also choose to abandon the game: a player out of time automatically accept to abandon the game.

This way, this is really unuseful to quit a game to avoid a defeat, and if you are disconnected during few minutes you can try to join again the game.

We hope that you'll find this new system clear and useful. Don't hesitate to post a comment if anything is unclear.

01/26/2015 Comment on this

Soon on Board Game Arena...


UPDATE: ... and the good answer is "K2", a game by Adam Kałuża. If you want to try it on Board Game Arena before everyone else, please write an email to "" or post a comment below. Thanks!
01/24/201519 comments

Increase of service capacity

Today, we perform a quite big maintenance operation linked to the addition of more capacity to Board Game Arena.

BGA servers was over capacity at peak hours these past weeks: hope you'll enjoy this improvement!
01/12/20158 comments

Maintenance in progress

Because of an important maintenance operation, BGA will be partially of totally unavailable today during few hours (it could take a long time).

We are working to make this interruption as short as possible.

Thanks for your understanding.

EDIT: the maintenance operation has been done. Thank you for your patience.
01/12/20152 comments

Happy new year 2015!

We wish you an happy new year 2015!

A board game is a fantastic tool to build links between people so we wish you a year filled with games!

2014 has been a great year for us at BGA. We published 14 new games this year, including Through the Ages, Hanabi and Tash-Kalar. We also published some great expansions (for Seasons, Saboteur and Hive).

We also introduced this year the turn based mode, a completely new way to enjoy board games on BGA. More than 2000 of you are playing turn-based games on a regular basis on BGA at now, and we'd like to continue to improve this mode this year!

You are now more than 250.000 players on this platform and you are more and more every day. We'd like to give you a big thank you for playing on this platform, for your suggestions and your support. We also would like to give a very special thanks to the game developers, the moderators, the game publishers, the translators and all players who choose to support this platform financially though BGA club membership: this platform exists and will continue to exist this year because everyone of you - and we never forget this.
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