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☽ Secret Moon ☾

After introducing Love Letter Premium last week, we have the pleasure today to release Secret Moon, another game from Seiji Kanai!

Published by Kanai Factory in 2014, Secret Moon is set in the same kind of romantic atmosphere as Love Letter, and can be considered a second game in the same series. It is much less known that Love Letter, and we are happy to allow players to get to know it here on Board Game Arena, because we think it's a really nice game too!

In Secret Moon, the princess is a shy young woman who likes to read about the world beyond the castle walls. She would like to meet with the wanderer in order to listen to him telling the tale of his travels. Unfortunately, this is not considered proper for a princess, so they have to meet secretely at night in the gardens, and the minister and guards will try to prevent this encounter...

This 5 to 8 players game is a semi-cooperative game, where you'll be either in the princess team or in the minister team. Like in a "werewolf" game you won't know which team other players belong to (except the wanderer and the princess who recognize each other). But unlike a "werewolf" game, you aren't allowed to chat about the game: Secret Moon is a game of deduction and guesses, where you'll try to sneak unnoticed silently through the gardens at night! You will need to rely on a limited set of actions to try and discover who is on which side and try to match the winning condition...

If you are on the minister team, you'll try to discover both the wanderer and the princess, or to capture the princess. If you are on the princess team, you'll try to escape the minister team during three consecutive rounds, or to capture the minister! The available actions to reach your goal are:
_ Inspect: look secretely at a character card.
_ Inquire: ask "Who goes there?" to another player. This will give a clue about this player's identity through a conventional answer.
_ Accuse: guess character card and reveal it (if incorrect, reveal your own).
_ Protect: defend someone or yourself (unavailable during round 3).
_ Disrupt: force another player to pass his/her turn (in exchange, you are captured).
_ Capture: "capture" a player with a revealed character (unavailable for guards).
_ Pass: choose a discarded turn order card and take it (for the next round).

At first, it may be a little difficult to know what to do, but the game plays fast since you have just one action per round. So don't hesitate to try out things to see how it goes, then start another game! You'll quickly get familiar with the possibilities offered by each action. Here are some tips:
_ During the first round, you'll mostly need information, so Inspect and Inquire will be very useful.
_ If someone on your team is discovered and in danger, use Protect! But that may get you in trouble too...
_ On the second round, if enough info is available, you'll use Accuse to reveal players, or Pass to get first play in the third round to be able to Capture! (the Pass action is an essential part of the game!)
_ Disrupt can be powerful, but don't forget that it will get you captured.

We would like to thank Seiji Kanai for his kind authorization to create an online version of Secret Moon, and for taking the time to make a test of the game with us! Thanks a lot!

We hope that you'll enjoy discovering this new cooperative/semi-cooperative game on Board Game Arena!
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♥ Happy Valentine's Day : Love Letter Premium edition ♥

We are happy to introduce for Valentine's Day : Love Letter Premium Edition on Board Game Arena :)

The nicest thing about this is that this news concerns every players: those who are in couple and those who are not. This is why we decided to celebrate Valentine's day this year :)

Love Letter Premium is an enhanced version of Love Letter, the wonderful card game from Seiji Kanai that you have been able to enjoy on BGA for a while.

First, you should know that Love Letter Premium box features a really beautiful game material: the cards are supersized and much thicker than normal, the hearts that players can claim are large and wooden, and the hard-sided box has a magnetic closure.

But what is really cool is that this game includes 16 additional cards and 9 new characters, allowing you to play up to 8 players.

On Board Game Arena, it changes nothing for the 3-4 players configuration. However, you can now host 5 to 8 players at your Love Letter table, and the extra 16 cards are added when playing with 5 players and more.

Love Letter is part of BGA Premium catalog, so if you like Love Letter the best gift for your Valentine (or for you) is definitely either a BGA membership or a copy of this very nice edition :)

The new characters are the following :
_ The Assassin (0), who kills your opponent if he uses a guard against you.
_ The Jester (0), who allows you to guess who will win the round and score 1 point if this is the case.
_ 3 additional guards (1).
_ The Cardinal (2), who exchanges the hands of 2 players.
_ The Baroness (3), who allows you to see TWO hands.
_ The Sycophant (4), who lets you decide who will be the target of the next card played.
_ The Count (5), who add +1 to your card value at the end of the round.
_ The Constable (6), who gives you 1 point if you are knocked out of the round.
_ The Dowager Queen (7), who acts as a Baron, but the highest card is eliminated instead of the lowest.
_ The Bishop (9), a "super-guard" who makes you score 1 point when you guess the character of an opponent.

We wish you a lot of Love :)
02/14/201710 comments

News translation from English to other languages

This news is mostly for translators from the community helping to translate Board Game Arena from English into so many languages (currently 34), but it may also interest other players who love to know how things work ;)

When we publish a new annoucement on our welcome page, we write it twice, once in English for everyone speaking English, and once in French, because since we are French, it looks like a thing we can and should do! So for English and French speaking players, that's the end of the story. But of course, since anyone in the world can access Board Game Arena through the internet, there is a lot of people interested in playing board games who don't necessarily speak English. That's why we made it possible to translate the website and games, and we have been amazed by the response of the community on this to allow such a large number of players to play in their native language.

The news, though, were not included in the system. For a long time, they were just in English for other languages (except French). That was unsatisfactory, because it made the welcome page linguistically heterogeneous (not pretty :) ) and because non English speaking players could not figure it out. So we made a change to use machine translation to translate the news in other languages. Of course this was not perfect, since translation is a difficult task that computers haven't mastered (yet). But it allowed to have a nicer welcome page using the same language everywhere, and players speaking only those languages could at least get an idea of what was going on.

Now, we have gone to the next step, and integrated this first machine translation into the same translation system as for the site and games. This means that any player understanding English can now help make the translations better in his/her native language!
So if you see that the computer really messed it up, now you can just fix it ;)

You can access the translation interface by clicking on the "Improve translation" button on the "humans versus computer" translation progress bar above each news on the welcome page (including this one!). Changes are taken into account every hour, so translations can improve quickly to benefit the maximum number of readers.

For example, here is how the translation progress bar looks in Italian:

It was a frequent request from translators to be able to improve the news quality in other languages: we are really happy to provide this new functionnality and we hope that it will be appreciated by translators (who we would like to thank again for their help in making Board Game Arena more accessible and welcoming to such a large audience) and of course by readers!
02/12/201711 comments

Race for the Galaxy : Alien Artifacts expansion

We are happy to introduce the 4th expansion of Race for the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts :)


This expansion is a "reboot" which takes Race for the Galaxy completely in a new direction: the exploration of the Alien Orb. Indeed, in addition to the 46 new cards, this expansion includes 49 new "orb" cards which are used to build a kind of maze: the Alien Orb.

During the "I. Explorer" phase, the players can do 2 of the 3 orb actions (or the 3 actions if they choose the special Explorer: Orb) :
_ Move a Survey team inside the Alien Orb, trying to get some artifact.
_ Place a new Orb card, extending the Alien Orb.
_ Draw a new Orb card.

The artifacts collected in the Orb are bringing some special one-time power (ex: alien resource, military bonus, ...) + victory points.

Like the previous expansions, "Alien Artifacts" is available only for Club Members. The lucky players who can activate this option can then choose to play with whoever they want to (including non-members) :)

BGA would like to thank Rio Grande Games and Tom Lehmann for giving us this opportunity to have this game here!

02/06/20176 comments

2 new games : Hack Trick and Remember when !

Today, we have very happy to introduce TWO new games on Board Game Arena :
_ Hack Trick, a very smart hacking game which re-invent the "Tic Tac Toe" using cards.
_ Remember When..., a party game around (retired) Super heros and Villain trying to remember their adventures.

Hack Trick is a 2 players game by József Dorsonczky published by Mind Fitness games, with a hacking theme.


In Hack Trick, your goal is to align 3 of your markers on the 3x3 grids OR to place 3 of your markers on the same place.

To place a marker, you have to play a card, sum its value with the previous card played, and place a marker on the number you obtain. For example, if the previous card played was a "2", and if you play a "4", you place one of your marker on "6" (4+2). In addition, if you play on a place where there are enemy markers you capture them. If you prefer you can draw a card instead of playing.

There are only 15 cards, 3 of each value (1 to 5), so of course to win you will have to deduct which cards your opponent has in hand. For this you can use the cards played, the cards in your hand, the 2 cards that are discarded at each round, but you can also spend captured enemy markers to force your opponent to reveal the sum of his cards.

Finally, you can also sacrifice your markers to force your opponent to play (and not to draw), or prevent your opponent to do this to you.

Hack Trick is a very smart game with simple rules. by the way we recently have the occasion to test almost all games by the same designer/publisher and we agree that these games are really very very good / smart / simple / short, and we encourage you to try them if you have the occasion! Thank you Mind Fitness !

Hack Trick has been developed by a brand new technique based on BGA Sandbox tool (but with rules reinforcement). For those interested, more info to come as a first comment of this post.

Remember When ... is a party game for 3-6 players by Eric Bridge (FourGiving), published by Ad Magic Inc.


The players represent retired super heroes and reformed super villains trying to remember about their earlier adventures. But, as always happens at occasions like this, each is trying to outdo their peers by bragging about an even more amazing story of what they once did. But the really funny part is that everyone's memories are faulty because they are now going senile, and they're relying on their "friends" to help them fill in the blanks! So while the hero or villain might really have a great story to tell, what comes out of their mouth ends up being VERY different.

Each player has two goals - 1) To be the best at helping the other players in remembering correctly, and 2) To come up with your own memory/adventure that your peers agree is the best one of all!

To do this, the players are using cards with 4 words/phrases on them to fill the gap of a sentence. Here is the full explanation of how it works :

Remember When... is of course really different of the games we are usually introducing on Board Game Arena BUT we tested it and find it really cool and fun. Surprisingly, even this is a party game, it works perfectly on BGA so you can enjoy being a retired Super hero with your friends :)

Warning : as the game rely on English grammar / sentence structure by design, this game can be played by English speaking audience only for now.

Remember When digital adaptation has been developed by Brent Paschall using BGA Studio, which was not an easy job considering the particularities of this game : congratulations and thank you!

BGA would like to address a special thank you to the game designer Eric Bridge (FourGiving), for creating this game and make possible to have it there.

01/13/201711 comments

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