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Russian Railroads

We are proud and happy to introduce the excellent game Russian Railroads, from Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler, published by Hans im Glück.

Russian Railroads is one of the best worker placement board game available, awarded multiple times (Deutscher Spiele Preis, Meeple's choice, International Gamers Award, ...), and is in the top 60 of the best games on boardgamegeek.com in all categories.

During each round of the game, you are using available actions on the central board to improve the railway network on your personal board. In particular, you try to make your tracks progress on the 3 railroads of your personal board: Trans-siberian (Vladivostok), Saint-Petersburg line, and Kiev line. You may also progress on the industry track (purple hexes at the bottom of your personal board). Then at the end of each round, you score a number of points which depends on the position of your tracks and industry marker.

The interesting twist is: your initial black tracks do not score many points, so you will want more powerful tracks (gray/brown/beige/white). However, on a given railroad you must always have your black tracks first, then your gray ones, they brown, and so on. Consequently, to transform your personal board into a powerful points engine, you will have to think smart and select your actions carefully, and of course guess the strategies of your opponents to block available actions that may help them. To win, you must also use the many special powers that are triggered by tracks when they reach certain positions on the railroads.

Oh, and by the way, the game is excellent with 2 players and can be really quick. You should definitly try it!

To learn every rules details about "RRR", you should watch this Radho Runs Through video.

Russian Railroads adaptation has been developed by Alena Laskavaia who already developed Nippon, Madeira and Dragon Line on BGA. In particular she implemented an excellent undo system that allows you to make sure you make no mistake during your actions. Congratulations for this impressive work!

BGA would like to address a special "thank you" to Hans im Glück for making this adaptation possible, and also to game designer Helmut Ohley for his help.

03/27/20174 comments

Celestia + Celestia Contest!

We are proud to introduce today Celestia, a game from Aaron Weissblum published by BLAM ! editions.

Celestia is a reimplementation of Cloud 9, that some of you may know. In this game, all players control together an aircraft which flies across wonderful cities, in order to find treasures.

On each turn, some dice define a challenge to go to the next island. One of you - the "captain" of this turn - must discard the cards corresponding to the dice in order to move to the next city - otherwise the aircraft will crash (ie : no treasure for any of the passengers).

The other passengers have the choice to stay in the aircraft, in order to make the longest possible trip and get treasures with a lot of points, or to leave the aircraft and get a treasure with less points. But this choice may be risky : the aircraft may crash, and of course you don't know if the captain is telling the truth when he says that he won't crash this turn ... By the way, on the next turn YOU may be the captain :)

To learn how to play this amazing game, we recommend you this 8 minutes Dice Tower videos.

Celestia can be played from 2 to 6 players, but the game for 2-3 players is way more tactical and definitely not for beginners. This is why only 4-6 players configurations are opened at now.

To celebrate this digital adaptation, Blam! and BGA are organizing the Celestia Contest!

The contest starts now, and ends on March 31th at 21:00 CET. The first 10 players on BGA world rank will get the following gifts :
1st player : Celestia official playmat + Celestia expansion + 9 beautiful ex libris.
2nd player : Celestia expansion + Celestia Twinples + 9 ex libris.
3rd player : Celestia Twinples + 9 ex libris.
4-5th : 4 ex libris.
6-10th : 2 ex libris.

Needless to say that Celestia adaptation is one of the most beautiful digital adaptation we have it on BGA, and for this we'd like to thank Marc-André Larivière who developed this adaptation using BGA Studio! We'd also like to thank Blam! edition for this game and their authorization to have it there and for the contest!

Good luck for the contest!
03/16/201714 comments

Tiki on Kickstarter + on BGA

We are proud to introduce on Board Game Arena Tiki, an upcoming game from Nicolas Sato published by Oz Editions.

Simultaneously, Tiki is now available on Kickstarter! Thus, you can try this game on BGA, then pledge for it on Kickstater to make it exist for real!

Tiki is a very smart game, with simple rules and a lot of possibilities. Unfortunately, this is very difficult to explain on a Kickstarter page. That's the reason why so many Kickstarter games emphasize mostly their beautiful material. Well, a beautiful game material is important - Tiki's art is splendid - but game mechanisms are even more important, and we are very happy to allow you to discover the mechanisms of this game with BGA!

Tiki is a strategic boardgame for 2 players where you place, move and stack "tikis" on 9 villages tiles. Your goal is to have totems made of 3 tikis. When it happens, the player owning the totem (ie: the one who has the tiki on the top) triggers the effect of the tile: winning 1 or 2 fruit(s), losing 1 fruit, ...

To know every detail about Tiki and watch the beautiful 3 minutes explanation video, please visit the Tiki Kickstarter page.

Tiki has been built using the BGA Sandbox tool (with rules 100% enforced). BGA would like to send a very special thank you to Nicolas Sato and Oz Editions: we wish you a very successful Kickstarter campaign!
03/01/2017 Comment on this.

☽ Secret Moon ☾

After introducing Love Letter Premium last week, we have the pleasure today to release Secret Moon, another game from Seiji Kanai!

Published by Kanai Factory in 2014, Secret Moon is set in the same kind of romantic atmosphere as Love Letter, and can be considered a second game in the same series. It is much less known that Love Letter, and we are happy to allow players to get to know it here on Board Game Arena, because we think it's a really nice game too!

In Secret Moon, the princess is a shy young woman who likes to read about the world beyond the castle walls. She would like to meet with the wanderer in order to listen to him telling the tale of his travels. Unfortunately, this is not considered proper for a princess, so they have to meet secretely at night in the gardens, and the minister and guards will try to prevent this encounter...

This 5 to 8 players game is a semi-cooperative game, where you'll be either in the princess team or in the minister team. Like in a "werewolf" game you won't know which team other players belong to (except the wanderer and the princess who recognize each other). But unlike a "werewolf" game, you aren't allowed to chat about the game: Secret Moon is a game of deduction and guesses, where you'll try to sneak unnoticed silently through the gardens at night! You will need to rely on a limited set of actions to try and discover who is on which side and try to match the winning condition...

If you are on the minister team, you'll try to discover both the wanderer and the princess, or to capture the princess. If you are on the princess team, you'll try to escape the minister team during three consecutive rounds, or to capture the minister! The available actions to reach your goal are:
_ Inspect: look secretely at a character card.
_ Inquire: ask "Who goes there?" to another player. This will give a clue about this player's identity through a conventional answer.
_ Accuse: guess character card and reveal it (if incorrect, reveal your own).
_ Protect: defend someone or yourself (unavailable during round 3).
_ Disrupt: force another player to pass his/her turn (in exchange, you are captured).
_ Capture: "capture" a player with a revealed character (unavailable for guards).
_ Pass: choose a discarded turn order card and take it (for the next round).

At first, it may be a little difficult to know what to do, but the game plays fast since you have just one action per round. So don't hesitate to try out things to see how it goes, then start another game! You'll quickly get familiar with the possibilities offered by each action. Here are some tips:
_ During the first round, you'll mostly need information, so Inspect and Inquire will be very useful.
_ If someone on your team is discovered and in danger, use Protect! But that may get you in trouble too...
_ On the second round, if enough info is available, you'll use Accuse to reveal players, or Pass to get first play in the third round to be able to Capture! (the Pass action is an essential part of the game!)
_ Disrupt can be powerful, but don't forget that it will get you captured.

We would like to thank Seiji Kanai for his kind authorization to create an online version of Secret Moon, and for taking the time to make a test of the game with us! Thanks a lot!

We hope that you'll enjoy discovering this new cooperative/semi-cooperative game on Board Game Arena!
02/21/20172 comments

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