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2 new games : Hack Trick and Remember when !

Today, we have very happy to introduce TWO new games on Board Game Arena :
_ Hack Trick, a very smart hacking game which re-invent the "Tic Tac Toe" using cards.
_ Remember When..., a party game around (retired) Super heros and Villain trying to remember their adventures.

Hack Trick is a 2 players game by József Dorsonczky published by Mind Fitness games, with a hacking theme.


In Hack Trick, your goal is to align 3 of your markers on the 3x3 grids OR to place 3 of your markers on the same place.

To place a marker, you have to play a card, sum its value with the previous card played, and place a marker on the number you obtain. For example, if the previous card played was a "2", and if you play a "4", you place one of your marker on "6" (4+2). In addition, if you play on a place where there are enemy markers you capture them. If you prefer you can draw a card instead of playing.

There are only 15 cards, 3 of each value (1 to 5), so of course to win you will have to deduct which cards your opponent has in hand. For this you can use the cards played, the cards in your hand, the 2 cards that are discarded at each round, but you can also spend captured enemy markers to force your opponent to reveal the sum of his cards.

Finally, you can also sacrifice your markers to force your opponent to play (and not to draw), or prevent your opponent to do this to you.

Hack Trick is a very smart game with simple rules. by the way we recently have the occasion to test almost all games by the same designer/publisher and we agree that these games are really very very good / smart / simple / short, and we encourage you to try them if you have the occasion! Thank you Mind Fitness !

Hack Trick has been developed by a brand new technique based on BGA Sandbox tool (but with rules reinforcement). For those interested, more info to come as a first comment of this post.

Remember When ... is a party game for 3-6 players by Eric Bridge (FourGiving), published by Ad Magic Inc.


The players represent retired super heroes and reformed super villains trying to remember about their earlier adventures. But, as always happens at occasions like this, each is trying to outdo their peers by bragging about an even more amazing story of what they once did. But the really funny part is that everyone's memories are faulty because they are now going senile, and they're relying on their "friends" to help them fill in the blanks! So while the hero or villain might really have a great story to tell, what comes out of their mouth ends up being VERY different.

Each player has two goals - 1) To be the best at helping the other players in remembering correctly, and 2) To come up with your own memory/adventure that your peers agree is the best one of all!

To do this, the players are using cards with 4 words/phrases on them to fill the gap of a sentence. Here is the full explanation of how it works :

Remember When... is of course really different of the games we are usually introducing on Board Game Arena BUT we tested it and find it really cool and fun. Surprisingly, even this is a party game, it works perfectly on BGA so you can enjoy being a retired Super hero with your friends :)

Warning : as the game rely on English grammar / sentence structure by design, this game can be played by English speaking audience only for now.

Remember When digital adaptation has been developed by Brent Paschall using BGA Studio, which was not an easy job considering the particularities of this game : congratulations and thank you!

BGA would like to address a special thank you to the game designer Eric Bridge (FourGiving), for creating this game and make possible to have it there.

01/13/20172 comments

Colt Express contest !

As you now Asmodée Digital developed a Colt Express app now available on iOS, Android and Steam.

For the (many) cowboys and cowgirls who are playing Colt Express here, BGA and Asmodée are launching today the Colt Express 2017 BGA contest. The 20 winners of this contest will get the Colt Express app for FREE!

The contest starts today at 20:00 CET, and ends on Sunday, January 15th at 20:00 CET. At the end of the contest, the winners will be the 20 best players on BGA (ELO rank) to fulfill the following requirements : having played at least 20 ranked games (ELO on) against at least 30 different players during the contest period.


To learn more about this and download Colt Express app, follow this link.

Good luck everyone!
01/06/20171 comment

New game : Go

We have the pleasure to welcome on BGA the Go traditional game.


Go is the most ancient board game that is still played today! It is also a fantastic abstract game that is really simple to learn with a LOT of possibilities. In you don't know how to play Go, we advise you this 15 minutes how to play video.

This Go adaptation has been developed by stst using BGA Studio. Stst is one of the best board game player on BGA and an experienced BGA developers (Kalah, Pylos, Nautilus). The result is a beautiful adaptation which allows you to choose between 3 board size depending your available time, and to choose between the different rules available. Thank you very much for this wonderful work!

This Go adaptation is replacing the previous "Sandbox" adaptation used to test Sandbox environment on BGA. A lot of you are very impatient to access this new "Sandbox" tool which allow you to create digital adaptation for BGA in few hours. We are also very impatient to show it to you - and we are also very very late -, so just a quick news : we are going soon to release 2 new games based on Sandbox in order to continue testing this tool in "real conditions".

01/04/20178 comments

ELO rank now visible from everyone!

To enjoy the new 2017, we have the pleasure to make today ELO rank visible for all BGA players, and not only for Club members.

Your ELO rank increases/decreases when you win/lose games on BGA, and is a really cool number to measure your skill for each game. We feel that a lot of you are very motivated by winning ELO points and trying to get to the top of the leaderboard for each game, so we chose to open it to everyone to make this service even more popular :)

This decision is little bit risky for us: there may be less paying members, which means less money to keep this service running. However, now that BGA is proposing a growing catalog of premium games for whom table creation can be accessed by our Club members only, we feel that it is worthy to try this.


To make ELO more fair, more easy to understand and more enjoyable for beginners, we also did the following improvements :
  • When you are a complete beginner at a game, your ELO is now 0 (makes more sense than 1500).
  • From 1 to 100 ("Apprentice" level), you can only win ELO points (your ELO cannot decrease).
  • Above 100, the former rules of ELO applies (you win/lose points when you win/lose games), except that you can never go below 100 (minimum ELO).
  • To convert your old ELO into the new one, you just have to subtract 1300 (ex : 1450 before => 150 after).
  • There are now 7 skills levels : Beginner (0 point), Apprentice (1-99 points), Average (100-199), Good (200-299), Strong (300-499), Expert (500-699), Master (700+).
  • To learn more about these improvements, please check the FAQ in this news comment.

We hope opening up ELO visibility will incite you to play even more on BGA, and wish you a 2017 year full of games!
01/02/201759 comments

Nippon (& Merry Christmas!)

On this Christmas Day, we are really happy to unwrap Nippon, a game from Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade, now available on Board Game Arena!

Nippon allows you to take part in an industrial revolution, and this time the setting is not England or Germany, but the land of Japan which transitioned from an isolated feudal country to a modern westernized industrial power in an amazingly short period: the Meiji Era. So in this game, you'll take control of no less than one of the 4 Zaibatsus, big conglomerates spearheading the transformation of the economy and wielding a large influence over economy and politics.

This game will give you a lot to think about, with many actions available ranging from ressource management to area influence. You'll have to get the right workers to be able to do the actions you want, but using different categories (colors) of workers will have you spend more money in the consolidation phase. You'll build trains and ships, but the money spent on that won't get you coal nor knowledge. You'll want to fulfill export contracts, but the ressources you'll use there will be dearly missed when you need to provide goods to cities to build up your influence in the different regions of the country.

Whatever the trajectory you have chosen, be aware that the Emperor Rewards you get when consolidating will be key, since they will act as multipliers to your strengths... if used wisely of course!

We would like to send a big thank you for this very nice present to the BGA boardgaming community both to the publisher What's your game? and to the developer Elena Laskavaia (Victoria_La) who did once more (after the wonderful Madeira) an amazing work developing an adaptation for such a complex game.

Merry Christmas to all!
12/25/20161 comment

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