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Legendary Inventors (and Ultimate Contest)

We are happy to introduce on BGA Legendary Inventors, a game by Fred Henry published by Bombyx (available now for pre-order, and in your shop on November 18th).


As we announced a few days ago, we are starting today (at 20:00 CEST) a fabulous Contest with this new game and an incredible prize: the winners are going to receive one copy of each future game produced by Bombyx and Monolith publishers, including Legendary Inventors and Conan, for the rest of their lives.

For all information about the contest, the FAQ is there. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

This is the biggest contest ever organized on BGA: we wish you all plenty of inventions and good luck for this challenge!

Now, let's talk about the game itself.

In Legendary Inventors, two to five players (4/5 on BGA) will each captain a group of four inventors working to bring their knowledge to life by creating useful objects to improve the world.


On your turn, you must send one of your Inventor to work on one of the available inventions. If your inventor has a skill level of 1 in Mathematics and Physics, then you may place one cube of your colour on a "Mathematics" space on the invention, and another on a "Physics" space.

When an invention card has no free space left, it is discovered! All players with cubes on this card must share the available awards. Starting from the player who placed the most cubes on the card, each player must choose between:
  • one of the two tokens on the card, or
  • the card itself.

Some tokens bring you Victory Points, some bring you Special Powers, but the really important ones are the "Progress tokens" (numbers): they allow you to increase the skills of your inventors, so that they can place more cubes later. Increasing the skills of your inventors may also bring you a lot of Victory Points if you manage to reach the Progress Objectives of some of your inventors.

Once you have used your inventor, he/she is "busy" and you cannot use him/her any more. On your turn, instead of sending an inventor to work, you can "refresh" all your inventors. Of course, the timing of these actions is essential to win the game.

This game may look simple at first glance, but it is definitively not. The final scores are always very close (2-3 points difference), so every single action is important. You'll have to get the best from your team of inventors, considering all the available inventions on the table.

BGA would like to give a special "thank you" to Fred Henry and Bombyx for this game, for the crazy idea of organizing this Contest, and for allowing us to have this game here.

Now, let the best players win!
10/24/20163 comments

The Crazyiest BGA Contest Ever : Legendary Inventors Ultimate Contest

Sometimes, something totally crazy happens. Something like:

• A game designer and his publisher come to us to have their new game on Board Game Arena (happiness level: 1).
• They want to have the game online even before it is available in shops, to allow the community to "try-before-you-buy" (happiness level: 10).
• They want to organize a giant online world contest with the game as soon as it is available online (happiness level: 100).
• The prize is the Biggest Prize Every Player Can Imagine (happiness level: 1.000.000....)

We are please to introduce the craziest BGA contest ever: Legendary Inventors Ultimate Contest.

Legendary Inventors is a game by Fred Henry (Timeline, The Builders, Conan, ...) published by Bombyx, available in shops on November 18th and already available for pre-order.


On next Monday, October 24th at 20:00 CEST, the game will be made available online on Board Game Arena, and the Contest will start immediately.

Your mission will be to be on the BGA Top 3 (ELO ranking) on November 6th at 20:00 CEST.

The prize is the following: the entire future production of Bombyx and Monolith.

Pause. Rewind. Let's replay it again: the winners are going to receive one copy of each future game produced by these 2 publishers, including Legendary Inventors and Conan, for the rest of their lives.

- at this point of the reading, you are allowed to stand up, to applaud, to like and to share this post to the whole world -

See you on Monday, with more details on the game itself. And get some rest this weekend, you'll need it soon :)
10/20/201646 comments

Introducing: new reputation system and Karma (☯)


Having fun around an online game table is a cocktail made of 2 main ingredients: a good game, and nice/kind/fair play/smart players.

We're very lucky to have 97 good games on BGA, and to enjoy the nicest community of players: YOU! To build this community, we tried to build a reputation system that makes sure your opponents will be nice, and to avoid sore losers who quit games before the end.

This system was quite efficient, but it had some obvious flaws and was also very complicated to understand for beginners. We aim to fix this from now on by introducing a kind of "reputation score" : the Karma (☯).

Basically, the Karma is a number between 0☯ (very very bad reputation) and 100☯ (absolutely perfect reputation). New players starts at 75☯, each game played to the end gives you +1☯, and each time you leave a game in progress you lose 10☯ (or 20☯ if you are a recidivist). With that simple single value, you can now see if your opponent has a good/average/bad reputation, and accept or decline a game with him/her.

You can see this system as a "summary" of the reputation of a player. Note that if you prefer to see the old "number of leave / number of overtime / ..." infos you just have to mouse over (or long press for touch devices) the reputation bar to have them back.

Of course a lot of you will have plenty of questions ("why?", "how?") about this new system: so we wrote a special "FAQ" as the first comment for this news.

We hope you'll enjoy the new system and wish you a Good Karma ;)

Read the FAQ

UPDATE October 20th : 24 hours after the introduction of the new reputation system, following your feedback and the data we collected, we made the following minor adjustments.
10/19/201680 comments

About videos made from BGA

Some of you are contacting us to ask the permission to realize videos based on Board Game Arena : game explanation videos or game strategy tips based on a BGA screencast, live streaming on Twitch or any other service, and so on.

Our policy is quite simple : you are more than welcome to do this. Please just make sure there is a reference+link to BGA somewhere. In addition, please post the video on the corresponding game page and please send us a link to the video : if the quality is good we would be happy to promote it using a news / Facebook page ...

In particular, game explanation videos are particularly simple to do using BGA because you don't need a video camera and because the game elements are well displayed anytime. Of course you are allowed to play against yourself in this case (just switch ELO off).
10/17/20162 comments

About multiple accounts and ELO boosting

Recently, we had again several serious cases of players using multiple accounts to boost their ELO ranking on Board Game Arena. Their ELO has been resetted to a much lower value (most often, 1500), and multiple accounts has been removed.

Playing against oneself using multiple account is a giant waste of time, both for these players and for our moderators.

In order to prevent other cases, I'd like to say the following : no one can cheat the system. We cannot of course detect a player who plays 1 or 2 times against himself, but if some player really wants to use this technique to boost his ELO ranking, it becomes very easy to detect.

We care about having clean rankings here on BGA, and we will continue to care about it. Please enjoy the competition by not trying to cheat the system (and honestly, this is really NOT fun to spend hours playing against oneself for nothing).

Thanks everyone for your help making this service clean, pleasant and fair play.
10/10/201648 comments

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