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Carcassonne : Inns & Cathedrals

You can now discover the first expansion of Carcassonne: Inns & Cathedrals, on Board Game Arena :)

This expansion introduces 18 new tiles and "big meeples" in the game :
_ Cathedral tiles: cities with a cathedral get +1 by city tile and +1 by symbol, but ZERO if unfinished at the end of the game.
_ Inns on road tiles: roads with an Inn get +1 by road tile, but ZERO if unfinished at the end of the game.
_ Big meeples: a big meeple counts double when determining majorities (note that it does NOT double points).

Carcassonne is now the most popular game of our premium catalog, and we are very happy to offer this expansion to our members. Inns & Cathedrals is an essential addition to the base game, and is considered as the most popular expansion for this game. If you continue to make Carcassonne a big success on BGA, there will probably be more expansions in the future :)

Note that Carcassonne is part of BGA premium catalog : only Club members can create new tables (but once you create a table, you can play with anyone).

04/18/20174 comments

Bubblee Pop + Contest

We are proud to introduce today Bubblee Pop, a game by Grégory Oliver published by Bankiiz Editions.

Bubblee Pop is a very simple Tile-matching game ("Candy Crush" style) for two smart players. The "Bubblees" are falling from the Sky, located between the two players. The goal is to align at least 3 of them with the same color to make them "Pop" and score 1 point for each popping Bubblee.

On your turn, first you can swap 2 adjacent Bubblees in the Sky, and then you must make 2 adjacent Bubblees fall from the Sky to your side.

In addition, when you Pop some Bubblees, you get a special extra power which depends on the color of the Bubblees you just scored. For example, the Red power allows you to swap 2 adjacent Bubblees on your opponent's planet and break all his/her plans, while the Yellow power allows you to remove and score one Bubblee on your side of any color.

And that's it! What makes this game a great game is the following:
_ you can learn how to play in 30 seconds,
_ it really feels like some popular video games like Candy Crush or Tetris,
_ BUT this is a two players game, with a lot of interactions.

To make this news even more lovely, Bankiiz Editions is organizing a contest for the launch of the game! The contest starts now, and ends on April 19th at 16:00 (CET). The 3 first players on BGA rankings at this time are going to win:
_ 1st player: Bubblee Pop official playmat + Bubblee Pop expansion as soon as available (09/2017) + Draw bag Bubblee Pop.
_ 2nd player: Bubblee Pop expansion as soon as available (09/2017) + Draw bag Bubblee Pop.
_ 3rd player: Draw bag Bubblee Pop.

For this adaptation, Board Game Arena would like to thank Bankiiz Editions for publishing this wonderful game and for making it possible to have it here, and also Ludovic Bezzar who developed this adaptation using BGA Studio :)

Have fun!
04/05/20178 comments

Celestia, Russian Railroads, ... this is Spring on BGA!

... after the beautiful Celestia (4.000 games played in 2 weeks!).

... after the incredible Russian Railroads (2.000 games played in the last 7 days!).

... see you on Wednesday for a new game on BGA :)

04/03/201715 comments

April fool's : BGA logo : back to basics

UPDATE : April fool's! Of course it was a joke, except one thing: we care about YOU, who used to like this website despite its weakness and "not so good looking" stuff. But to make this service sustainable and even larger, we also need the audience that is NOT coming today on BGA because of these "details", so we have to care about eye candy things too. This is a challenge to satisfy all audiences, but we like this :)

Last summer, we changed entirely the visual universe of Board Game Arena with a new logo and new colors.

However, for nostalgic reasons and other reasons explained below, we decided to move back and restore our previous logo & colors.


The main reason is the following : Een and I, the main facilitators of this service, are both engineers, with an artistic sensibility close to zero. Making "good looking" stuff, "nice" colors, "visual harmony", all these things, well ... this is not really our cup of tea.

When we started this website, we went straight to the important point : efficiency. Need an additional statistics ? Here we go : push this button a little bit to the left, push this other element a little bit to the right, and put the new stat in the middle. Need a new advanced option? No problem at all, we add it and add it two others by the way. So yes, at the end the results looks like the Space Shuttle cockpit, but after all, we are board games players and we like to give ourselves headaches !

So yes, they may have good reasons to make this website more "accessible", to have a "wider audience", but to be honest : we only care about YOU, who is already there and who is there and have been always there. You don't care about "raw" interfaces, you are not afraid about juggling with tons of options. And by the way, we are close to 800.000 registered users on BGA, this is good enough :) !

In consequence, in the near future we will revert some changes from last years. What you can expect is to see everywhere more buttons, more options, more indicators ... and you won't need to click to make them appear. On mobile, to make things clear you'll just have to zoom a little (at 800% everything is pretty clear). So yes the website may be a little bit more complex than today, but we are now writing a very simple PDF with a dozen of pages to explain how all of this will work. Like a BGA game rules. Simple and efficient.

Of course, the new-old logo symbolize this first step of this direction change. In the following weeks you'll see other changes, and we hope that this will allow you to go further with BGA, for the love of board games, only board games, without eye-candy stuff - after all, why not play in text mode?

The team.
04/01/201738 comments

Russian Railroads

We are proud and happy to introduce the excellent game Russian Railroads, from Helmut Ohley and Leonhard Orgler, published by Hans im Glück.

Russian Railroads is one of the best worker placement board game available, awarded multiple times (Deutscher Spiele Preis, Meeple's choice, International Gamers Award, ...), and is in the top 60 of the best games on boardgamegeek.com in all categories.

During each round of the game, you are using available actions on the central board to improve the railway network on your personal board. In particular, you try to make your tracks progress on the 3 railroads of your personal board: Trans-siberian (Vladivostok), Saint-Petersburg line, and Kiev line. You may also progress on the industry track (purple hexes at the bottom of your personal board). Then at the end of each round, you score a number of points which depends on the position of your tracks and industry marker.

The interesting twist is: your initial black tracks do not score many points, so you will want more powerful tracks (gray/brown/beige/white). However, on a given railroad you must always have your black tracks first, then your gray ones, they brown, and so on. Consequently, to transform your personal board into a powerful points engine, you will have to think smart and select your actions carefully, and of course guess the strategies of your opponents to block available actions that may help them. To win, you must also use the many special powers that are triggered by tracks when they reach certain positions on the railroads.

Oh, and by the way, the game is excellent with 2 players and can be really quick. You should definitly try it!

To learn every rules details about "RRR", you should watch this Radho Runs Through video.

Russian Railroads adaptation has been developed by Alena Laskavaia who already developed Nippon, Madeira and Dragon Line on BGA. In particular she implemented an excellent undo system that allows you to make sure you make no mistake during your actions. Congratulations for this impressive work!

BGA would like to address a special "thank you" to Hans im Glück for making this adaptation possible, and also to game designer Helmut Ohley for his help.

03/27/201714 comments

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