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Nine Men's Morris

We are happy to introduce today another classic game to BGA : Nine Men's Morris.

We are proud to host on BGA all kind of board games, from the very simple/old ones to the very latest. There is no reason for a good game not to be on BGA, and this one is definitely a good one :)

The rules can be explained within one paragraph :

Each player initially have 9 stones. During the first phase, you must place 1 stone at your turn, trying to align 3 of them. When all stones has been placed (second phase), you must move a stone along the lines. If you manage, during any phase, to align 3 stones with your color, you can remove a stone from your opponent. If your opponent has less than 3 stones or cannot move, you win the game.

Nine Men's Morris was already on BGA since few month with a "Sandbox" version, and thanks to Adam Dewbery it now has rules reinforcement like any other BGA games : thank you Adam for this adaptation!

05/23/20172 comments


We are proud to introduce today on BGA some unusual game : Alveole.

On the contrary of all games on BGA, this game is NOT a board game. The explanation is at the end of this news.

Alveole is an abstract game for 2 players. The goal of the game is to connect all your pieces in a single group. At your turn, you must move a piece on the hexagonal grid along a direction. Your piece is moving exactly as many spaces as there are pieces on the line in which it is moving. Ex : if on a line there are 2 pieces, you can move a piece 2 spaces along this line.

If you finish your move on one of your opponent piece, you capture it BUT you can never jump above any opponent piece. And that's it!

Now, where does this game come from?

At the beginning, there was an abstract board game : Lines of action, created by Claude Soucie. Its mechanims were fun, so it inspired a video game studio (Motion Twin) to create a game with similar mechanisms based on an hexagonal grid named Grapiz (or Amonite). This game had a lot of success on some games portal.

Recently, the developer of Hive BGA adaptation (Cédric Leclinche) asked Motion Twin and BGA if it would be possible to have this game online. As this is a very good strategy game, we found that it would be useless to say no, so we said yes and here it is! Unfortunately for legal reasons we can have the game but not its name, so we chose to name it Alveole!

BGA would like to thank Cédric Leclinche for having this idea and for developing this game using BGA Studio and Motion Twin for their authorization to have this game here.

05/18/20178 comments

Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion

The fifth and last expansion for Race for the Galaxy: Xeno Invasion, is now available on Board Game Arena :)

This expansion is a new arc, which is not compatible with the previous ones. It is also one of the expansions with the best rating on BGG (8/10).

Why is that? Probably in the first place because this expansion does not add a lot of extra rules. If you play without the "Invasion game", it works almost exactly like the base game, with (a lot) of new very interesting cards and some new powers. So it's easy to learn AND it renews the game.

The "Invasion game" introduces a new phase: starting from the third turn, at the end of each turn, a Xeno Invasion occurs. Each player must face a Xeno attack, and must be victorious (ie : more Military + Xeno attack + Xeno defense than this attack). If you lose, one of your world is damaged and cannot be used until it has been repaired.

As a consequence, military is quite important with this expansion: don't forget that or you'll be overwhelmed by the E.T.!

Like the previous expansions, The Xeno Invasion is available only for BGA Club Members: as usual, only members can select this option to start a new table but anyone can join the game afterwards.

We'd like to thank Rio Grande Games and Tom Lehmann for giving us this opportunity to have all RFTG expansions here. We are particularly proud to have brought these 5 expansions of RFTG online in only 15 months, in order to have the greatest RFTG community here on BGA.

Also, as this may be the last release of a RFTG expansion, we'd like to take the opportunity to address a special thank you to all RFTG players who have been playing here for the last 7 years and made this adaptation such a great success on BGA.

05/10/20177 comments

Race for the Galaxy : Xeno Invasion BETA

Race for the Galaxy : Xeno Invasion expansion is now available for BETA testing.

Only the cards are available, the "invasion" mode will be available soon.

Without the "invasion", the game is very very similar to the base game (with a lot of new cards), so you can test it immediately without learning new rules. Just pay attention to one thing : all "Explore" actions are "mix-with-hand" (you draw new cards to your hand + discard any cards).

Thanks for your feedback, and see you soon for the Invasion mode!
05/07/2017 Comment on this.

Hanabi variant

The main goal of Board Game Arena is to promote board games, and we are always happy to help game publishers in any way when we have the possibility.

One of the greatest possibility offered by digital boardgaming is the opportunity to test a new variant of a board game. Some time ago, game publisher Cocktail Games, game designer Antoine Bauza and BGA agreed to experiment a variant of Hanabi.

This variant is very simple:
_ With 2 players, each player has 6 cards in hand instead of 5.
_ With 5 players, each player has 3 cards in hand instead of 4.

Technical explanations about "why" this variant available here.

To play with this variant, you must select "Unofficial variant => yes" on Hanabi game options.

This variant will be available on BGA until June 9th. After that, we are going to gather your thoughts about it. A cool thing is that depending on the result of this test (but not only), the game designer and the publisher may decide to make it an official variant :)

Thanks for your help making great board games even better!
05/03/20175 comments

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