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6 new updates for lobby and turn-based

This is Christmas soon! But at BGA we like to be a little bit in advance, so we just delivered 6 new updates for your game lobby and turn-based games :

For the lobby :

1. Tables you cannot join for any reason are now hidden by default. You may display them optionally ("Display tables I cannot join").
2. You won't receive anymore suggestions for a table you cannot join.
3. Available players in the same (ELO) level than you are now listed first in the "suggestion list". As a rule of thumb, on BGA we always recommend you to play in priority with players in the same level than you.

For turn-based games :

4. Now you are always redirected in priority to the table with the less remaining time to think.
5. We added a "go to next table" button even if it is you turn. BGA will temporarily give a low-priority to this table so you can focus on your other games.
6. The "see final position" link in turn-based game end emails was sometimes broken : it is now 100% back!

By the way, if someone around you would like to offer you a wonderful gift and have no idea, you may suggest a BGA membership :) To do this, he/she should follow the instructions below, so you can have a 2017 year full of premium games, statistics, tournament creation, and so on !
_ go to https://boardgamearena.com/#!club
_ click on "offer someone a Club Membership".
_ type the username of the lucky player (hopefully, you!).
_ click on the payment button and follow the instructions.

Enjoy :)
12/07/20161 comment

Legendary Inventors : 2/3 players mode

Legendary Inventors is now available for 2 and 3 players (like the real board game).

With 2 and 3 players, the rules are exactly the same, and surprisingly it works very well! Our opinion is that the 2/3 players configuration are more difficult to handle, so you should prefer 4/5 players if you are a beginner, but if you know the game very well you should have a lot of pleasure with this new mode :)

12/05/20163 comments

Maintenance in progress

We are installing a new hardware to solve recent BGA instability issues (see here).

New tables creation are blocked during this maintenance operation.

We plan to re-open at 9:00 CET.

UPDATE 9:00 CET : the server which caused 3 BGA crashs in the previous 48 hours has been replaced by a 100% new hardware.
12/01/20167 comments

New games : Jump Gate and KQJ

Today, we are proud to announce that TWO new games are joining the Arena : Jump Gate and KQJ.

Jump Gate is a Sci-fi ressources collection game by Matt Worden published by MWG.

In Jump Gate, you are the captain of a spaceship, flying from planet to planet to collect resources and try to constitute the most valuable set of resources. On your turn, you must do 2 actions among the following:

_ research (refill your hand of cards)
_ jump (use one card to jump to any planet)
_ fly (move for free to a neighbouring planet)
_ scan (reveal a resource on a planet)
_ harvest (collect one resource from a planet)
_ land & claim (claim a planet)

Each different resource has its own scoring rule, so on each turn you'll have to evaluate which resource can bring you the most victory points considering the investment needed to reach it. The Dice Tower made a very good review of the game, and we encourage you to watch the 8 minutes video at the end of this news to learn the game and be ready to fly!

We'd like to say thank you to Matt Worden for creating this game and for the authorization to have it on BGA, and we encourage you to buy a copy on The Game Crafter. The adaptation of Jump Gate has been developed by Charles Mead (ChazM) and Fabien Chevrier (fafa-fr) using BGA Studio: thanks a lot for making it possible to play this game here!


KQJ is a trick-taking card game for 6 players by Jacques Dalmau & Gilles Roudeilla

If you like trick-taking games like Belote or Hearts and want to play with 6 players, this game is for you! The rules are very close to "Belote", except that there are 4 new cards (Hero) in addition to the classical King, Queen and Jack (KQJ). The game is played by team, 3 vs 3 or 2 vs 2 vs 2. You can choose to play with or without auctions, and choose your preferred victory conditions (500 / 1000 / 2000 points): as you can see, this game gives you a lot of flexibility to enjoy the best trick-taking games you'd like to have with your friends!

The full rules of KQJ are available in the KQJ "how to play" page (wiki section).

BGA would like to thank Gilles and Jacques for proposing to make this game available here, and Gabriel Sagarzazu who did a great job developing this game using BGA Studio.

11/26/20161 comment

About November 25th service interruption and issues

We just published a little word of explanation about yesterday service interruption.

Read the note.
11/26/2016 Comment on this

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