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About Tokaido Addicts


Nice to meet you! I create this group for 4-player Tokaido players. Anyone who achieves these qualities can join:
- ELO is often in "strong" zone or above (300) in a long time.
- Likely to play 4-player basic mode.
- Have nice behaviour (no insulting anyone, don't help anyone to win, don't quit the game without explanation,...)
You can discuss with me online (I'm lachimi red) or send me a private message for permission to join this group - I want to have good players with great altitude in this group, that's why I have such serious requirements.

Currently we're playing monthly tournament in round robin style (4 players in a table, 4 tables per round, 15 rounds per tournament. If you're interesting about it, join us! :)

Each month I will open 1 or 2 tournaments, which include 12 or 16 players, playing round robin (4 players in a table, 3-4 tables per round, 11-15 rounds per tournament). Details of the tournament are updated below, check these out!


- A tournament contains 16 players. Each table contains 4 players, there will be 4 tables in a round and 15 rounds in a tournament - so there are 60 matches overall. Each player will meet another one exactly three times. During special tournament, there will be 12 players in a tournament. All the rounds will be played simutaneously.

- Our routine will be: 2 normal tournaments follow by 1 return-trip tournament, about 10-12 tournaments in a year.

- All the matches in the tournament will be played with: Time mode: Turn-based 2 moves per day (3 days + 12h per turn) - Gastronomy – on, Preparations – on, The New Encounters – off, Crossroads – off, ELO ratings – on, return-trip - on/off (depends on the mode of tournament) .

- The winner of the match (the 1st) has 4 points, the 2nd has 3 points, the 3rd has 2 points, and the last one has 1. In case of a tie in any position, two players get the same point (e.g. if two players finish 1st, they both gain 3.5 points).

- After the match, one of 4 players in the match sends the code of the table for me, then I will update your result in an Excel-online file. All the data of the tournament (including fixtures, results, tables, and some more analysis) can be found in this Excel file. I will post that Excel file on the group when each tournament starts.

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