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We are happy today to release a great game for abstracts lovers! Blooms, a self-published game from Nick Bentley, is now available on Board Game Arena.

Play it now!

In Blooms, you'll try to capture the stones of your opponent. The first player to capture more than a certain amount (depending on the board size and/or desired duration of play) will claim the victory.

Blooms has a short, elegant and straightforward set of rules:
  • ~ Each player owns two stone colors.
  • ~ A "bloom" is a group of connected stones of the same color.
  • ~ The first player sets a first stone anywhere on the board, then players alternate turns.
  • ~ On a turn, the player must set a stone on a free space, then may place a stone of the other color he/she owns or pass.
  • ~ At the end of a player turn, if an opponent's bloom is fenced (cannot extend in any direction) then it is captured.
That's all, you know the rules! Easy? Yes but... behind these deceptively simple rules you'll find a lot of depth. Everyone can learn the game and start to play really quickly, but each turns allows for a huge number of possible moves that will quite certainly get your brain to switch gears! The feeling of this game is a little like Go with colors. We advise you to try it first with the smallest board to get a grasp of it before moving on to a bigger challenge!

We would like to thank the designer Nick Bently (El Poopo) for proposing his game for an online version here on BGA, and the developer Adam Novotny (A-dam) who implemented it as his third game adaptation using BGA Studio.

If you love this game and its "Zen Garden" aesthetics, you might be interested in a boxed version. The designer is actually thinking of setting up a Kickstarter campaign to produce one, so if you want to show your interest and be notified when this happens, you can sign up here for news!

02/18/2019 11 comments

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