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Not Alone

Image You and the other members of your expedition just arrived on the mysterious planet Artemia... But the thing is... You are Not Alone. And you should definitely worry about that!

We are happy to introduce today Not Alone, a game from Ghislain Masson (Geek Attitude Games), for online play on BGA :)

Not Alone is an asymmetrical game: all players but one are "Hunted" explorers who are playing together against the last player who is "the Creature". No one seems to know much about this Creature, but it looks like its main objective is to assimilate the Hunted before they are rescued... In this game, as a hunted player your objective will be to collaborate to make sure that the "rescue" counter reaches the victory space BEFORE the "assimilation" counter reaches this same victory space. And the objective of the player acting out the Creature will obviously be the exact opposite :)

We apprise you that a good collaboration between the hunted players requires communication... But guess what? The Creature will be listening :)

At the beginning of each turn, the hunted players choose a place to explore by playing a card face down. Then, the Creature must place one "hunt token" (or several, depending on the available powers). Of course, the Creature attempts to target the places chosen by the hunted players. The players who manage to avoid the Creature will be able to use the power of the places they occupy, thus contributing to their future rescue. On the contrary, those who are caught by the Creature will only contribute to the assimilation of the whole group...

While the game is progressing, there are fewer possibilities for hunted players to escape and more and more special powers on both sides. New places are discovered by hunted players, and special cards can be used on both sides to trigger powerful instant effects.

To learn the complete rules, we recommend this excellent "Watch it played" video:


Not Alone is a game with a very special atmosphere and a powerful theme. This is a true "horror board game": there is a lot of tension around the table until the very end of the game. A lot of "cooperative games" can feel a little mechanical because you are playing "against the game", however in "Not Alone" the Creature is a player and this makes each new game unique. On BGA we strongly recommend to play with 4-5 players to fullly enjoy the cooperative aspect of the game. We also recommend you to play both sides since they are very different.

BGA would like to thank Geek Attitude Games for allowing us to propose this extraordinary game online. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do!

And the next time you feel alone, remember to ask you this question: are really sure you are?
04/10/2019 22 comments

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