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Terra Mystica: landscapes, auctions, and maps!


We are happy today to update one of the most played games on Board Game Arena. Terra Mystica is a wonderful game and since its release in February last year, some of you have really played it a lot. Almost 2000 players have played more than 50 games here on BGA! So we are really happy to add more game elements to discover and enjoy!

Play it now!

So what's new? Here is the list!
  • The Special Landscapes expansion is now available! You can find the rules here.
  • Two new maps have been added. Revised Base Map is an update to the original game map moving some terrains around to shift the balance between factions, and Lakes is a new map (designed by Jason Counihan) that has been illustrated by Feuerland Spiele just some weeks ago: it's really new and should be a complete discovery for all but the most well-informed players!
  • The starting VPs are adjusted using the most up to date system devised by the publisher depending on the faction and the map. For the curious who want to know all about it, here are the tables: Base Game, Revised Base Game, Lakes.
  • You can now select factions through an auction system. This way, you'll have to use your own evaluation of the strength of each faction relative to each map and other factions in play to make the best bid. That's quite a challenge! As suggested by the publisher, the auction system on BGA follows a proposal made on BGG for Gaia Project (original post here).
We know that a lot of you always want more, and will ask "What about Fire & Ice?" (yes, we know you will ;) ). For now, it's not possible to have Fire & Ice on BGA. We sure hope that this may change in the future (even if it will be quite a lot of work to implement), but only time will tell!

Have fun discovering this new expansion and options!
06/28/2019 14 comments

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