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We are incredibly proud and happy to introduce on Board Game Arena one of the most successful and fun board games of the last few years: Kingdomino!

Play it now!

Kingdomino is a tile placement game from Bruno Cathala released in 2016. This family strategy game for 2 to 4 players has won the "Spiel Des Jahres", the most prestigious award for a board game, and is already considered a classic and a masterpiece.

In Kingdomino, you are a King seeking new lands to expand your Kingdom. You must explore all types of land, including wheat fields, lakes, and mountains, in order to find the best plots to add to your realm, while competing with other lords to acquire them first.

Your goal is to build a 5x5 grid using dominoes (tiles made of 2 terrain sections). Each time you place a domino in your Kingdom, at least one side of the tile must be connected either to a tile previously played or to your castle.

After placing a tile, you must select the tile you'll play on the next turn. However, the selected tile also determines the next turn play order, so selecting a better tile this turn will often mean playing and choosing the following tile after other players on the next turn!

To achieve the best score, you must have as many matching terrains as possible, with a lot of crowns. The squares connected with the same type of terrain form a "territory", and each territory gives you a number of points equal to the number of squares multiplied by the number of crowns visible inside this territory. For example, a 4 squares forest territory with 2 crowns inside scores 4x2 = 8 points.

Kingdomino is a great game for all audiences. We highly recommend 2 players games with "The Mighty Duel" additional rule! With this configuration, you will use all the dominoes to create an impressive 7x7 Kingdom, which can be quite tricky and strategic :)

Kingdomino is available as a Premium game: a Premium member is required to create a new table, and then as usual everyone can join! Thank you all for supporting us!

Board Game Arena would like to thank Blue Orange and Bruno Cathala for allowing their great game to be available online on your favorite website :)

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