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Clans of Caledonia


We are absolutely delighted to continue an incredible series of releases this summer by opening online on Board Game Arena a wonderful strategy board game published only 2 years ago: Clans of Caledonia from designer Juma Al-JouJou (Karma Games).

Play it now!

In Clans of Caledonia, you'll take the head of a Scottish clan of the 19th-century to manage its development from an agricultural to an industrial economy. Yes, we said Scotland, so you'll produce whisky of course!

This mid-to-heavy game is a lot of pleasure to play as actions very closely match the theme of a clan expanding on the Scottish territory, with very diverse and charismatic clans to choose from at the start of the game. You'll chop wood, mine mountains, grow livestock, plant fields, build cheese dairies, bakeries and distilleries in order to - did we mention it already? - produce whisky! :)

But more than everything, as a kilt bearer, your task will be to manage your money in the most efficient possible way. You'll spend, yes, you'll trade, yes, you'll export, sure, but you won't do it lightly! Every action has a cost, even expanding to the nearest pasture. So for sure, you'll spend time counting before spending!

Clans of Caledonia is one of these powerfully enticing games that you like more each time you play, and that has a huge replayability through the use of a composite map (16 different configurations), variable scoring tiles for each turn, variable port tiles for special actions (if you can reach them), and 9 clans to master, making each new game a new challenge.

Clans of Caledonia is available on BGA as a Premium game: a Premium member is required to create a new table, then as usual everyone can join. Thank you all for supporting us!

We would like to extend a warm thank you to the designer Juma Al-JouJou (Innovatormentor) for his authorization to host Clans of Caledonia on BGA and his invaluable help for playtesting, and to Leo Bartoloni (bartoleo) the developer who did the really hard work of implementing such a complex game using BGA studio. Kudos to him for this top notch work!

Enjoy and remember, it's ok to have a sip for tasting, but you need to keep some ot this whisky for exporting! :)

PS : Clans of Caledonia allows to play in "Solo mode" which is perfect to learn the game basics before challenging other players. We recommend you to try it!
08/20/2019 31 comments

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