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For Sale


This September, we have the pleasure to bring online a quick and tense market game: For Sale, a game from Stefan Dorra published by Eagle-Gryphon Games is now available on Board Game Arena!

Play it now!

In For Sale, you'll play a real estate agent buying then selling property. To win, you have to be the richest investor at the end of the two phases of the game. Sure, to get rich the trick is to buy cheap and sell dear. But guess what? Everybody knows that, so you have to be really good at it!

You start with a limited amount of money, and the first phase is a bidding game. Place your bids carefully in order not to buy a doghouse for a fortune, but don't be a miser either, or you might miss out on big opportunities!

Once the market has been drained from all valuable properties, the second phase will be matching your properties to the best offers of purchasers ready to sign a big check. You'll consider the offers, and propose one of your properties. If you propose the best property of all realtors in play, you'll get the best check for your coffers!

For Sale is available on BGA as a Premium game: a Premium member is required to create a new table, then as usual everyone can join. Thank you all for supporting us!

We would like to thank Eagle-Gryphon Games for licensing this adaptation of For Sale on Board Game Arena, and to the developer hersh who implemented the game with a nice and elegant interface that makes it really quick and fun to play!

So, do you think you have the right gut feeling for real estate? Try your skill!
09/24/2019 17 comments

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