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From the rhinoceros and the elephant, which one is the strongest? This question has been hotly debated since the dawn of mankind. Now, you get to pick a side! Siam, a game from Didier Dhorbait published by Ferti Games, is now available on Board Game Arena.

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In Siam, rhinoceros and elephants are competing to be the first to push a rock out of the board. An elephant or a rhinoceros can push a rock, but you need two animals pushing in the same direction to push two aligned rocks. An animal can push another animal too, except if the other animal is pushing in the opposite direction. And finally, an animal can push a whole line with multiple rocks and animals, if opposite forces don't cancel his effort. So you will have to be very mindful of the direction in which every animal is pushing, which is indicated by an arrow above the animal.

On your turn, you can do one of the following actions:
  • place one of your animals on the board (on one of the border cells)
  • remove one of your animals from the board (if it is on one of the border cells)
  • move one of your animals, then choose the direction it is facing
  • stay in place and change the direction one of your animals is facing without moving it
  • or push! Either with an animal already on the board, or with an animal outside of the board, pushing while entering the board.
This simple set of rules creates a lot of possibilities. You'll be really surprised to see how often a situation seems hopeless, and still, one push done the right way will change everything! Siam is a clever and elegant game, with a fun theme, and beautiful illustrations by Biboun. We like it a lot, as well as the other games from the colourful Sugoï series created by Ferti Games:


We would like to thank Ferti Games for their authorization to create an adaptation of Siam on Board Game Arena, and the designer Didier Dhorbait for helping us playtest the game!

So, from the rhinoceros and the elephant, who do you think is the strongest? :D
10/31/2019 7 comments

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