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Invite your friends (and get Premium for free!)


Although a lot of you are playing here with random opponents, there is nothing better than playing board games with friends :)

That's why we decided to make friends invitations way easier, and to reward you with a free Premium account when you invite your friends on BGA!

How does it work?

1. Go to the our sponsorship program page
2. Send your sponsorship link to your friends (or share it on a social network)
3. That's it! You get +5 gift points each time a friend finishes their first game, and +20 gift points each time a friend finishes their 5th game.

Then you can get 1 month free Premium membership for every 100 gift points :) :) :)

We also made inviting friends to play with you way easier

We totally redesigned the Play with friends section, and upgraded it with a lot of new features:
  • You can now add a friend in only 2 clicks: click on "Play with friends", then click on your friend's name, and you are ready to play with him/her.

  • You can now play with a friend that is not registered on BGA (yet). Just send your friend the invitation link and he/she will be able to join your table, even if he/she has no account on BGA. In addition, if he/she decides to register after the game, you'll be their sponsor and get gift points! :)
  • You can now add a hotseat friend, namely a friend that is playing on the same device as you, from the "Play with friends" panel (this is a Premium feature).

With this new stuff, it has never been so easy to invite & play with friends on BGA :)

By the way, you may be able to convince them that the best Christmas gift ever for you would be a BGA Premium membership :) :) :)

11/14/2019 34 comments

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