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Dragon Castle


We are happy today to introduce a type of game we didn't have yet on Board Game Arena. Dragon Castle, a game inspired from the traditional Chinese Majhong game, designed by Hjalmar Hach, Luca Ricci and Lorenzo Silva, and published by Horrible Guild, is now available online!

Play it now!

In Dragon Castle, you are a feudal lord building a castle on your realm. Luckily for you, the mighty Dragon Castle, once the pride of the whole country, is now crumbling. You'll be able to draw resources from its waning power to consolidate your own, and if you take care of flattering Dragons and invoking Spirits at the best possible time to help you, maybe your castle will be the next to rise above all others!

On your turn, you'll pick a free tile from the top layer of the Dragon Castle, then choose to pair it with another if possible, or sometimes to take a Shrine instead of a second tile. Then, you'll use these tiles to build your castle. Each time you create a set of 4 connected tiles or more of the same type, you'll consolidate them to score points, and place one or more Shrines (depending on the tile type) to score even more points. Paying attention to what type of tiles other players need in order to prevent them from getting those is advised: it's a powerful way of staying ahead of the competition.

The Dragon will grant you bonus points at the end of the game if you match its conditions, so you should try to please it. Anyway, it's always a bad idea to displease a Dragon! The Spirit's power can also be a big boost on your way to the top, but can be summoned only with a cost: you should make sure it's worth it. Every game is a new challenge since the shape of the Dragon Castle, the Dragon card and the Spirit card in play will be different, creating a lot of combinations to explore.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Horrible Guild for granting us an authorization to host their game online on Board Game Arena, and to the developer hersh who crafted a really great implementation using BGA Studio.

We should also say that the art for the game, created by Cinyee Chiu, is really distinctive and beautiful, transporting you in a colourful Chinese dream of castles, spirits and dragons.

Enjoy the dream and the game!
11/27/2019 10 comments

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