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The King's Guild


We have the great pleasure today to bring online a new game that fans of Splendor will probably like a lot! The King's Guild, a limited supply trading and set collection game designed by Matthew Austin and published by Mirror Box Games, is now available on Board Game Arena.

Play it now!

In the King's Guild, you'll take the lead of one of the powerful guilds of Greycastle, competing to gain the most influence in order to get its leader (hopefully you) in a dominant position to succeed the dying King!

So what does a Guild do? First, you need to stock natural resources in your warehouses. Then you need to earn fame and money. Both of these can be earned by crafting specialty items to help adventurers on their quests! In return for this service, you'll get money, and a share of the treasures earned on the quest, that you'll be able to use to further expand the power of your guild. When you have enough money, you'll be able to invest it to build some new rooms to expand your guildhouse, and to hire specialists to gain new abilities.

But resources are in limited supply, and other guilds will be collecting them too! You'll need to plan for your future needs, and if possible hold on to some rare resources to block your opponents from getting them in their moment of need. Nothing personal here, the throne is hanging in the balance!

A fair share of the end of game points can be scored through the Master Rooms which offer various scoring objectives. You'll need to buy them just at the right moment, when you know already that your strategy will allow you to get a lot of points from them, but before one of your opponent snatches the one you want right from under your nose!

The King's Guild is a fast paced game with simple rules offering a deep and varied gameplay thanks to multiple sources of tension between the players and a lot of possible combinations to upgrade your guild. Fortunately, a Solo mode is available to allow you to discover the game and get familiar with its many possibilities before challenging other players... Or after losing to them, in order to prepare for your next encounter!

For the King's Guild, we would like to give many thanks to the publisher Mirror Box Games for offering us the possibility to adapt the game, and to the developer Adam Novotny (A-dam) who lovingly crafted this adaptation on BGA studio, with a lot of skill and care! If you love the game, you can buy it directly from Mirror Box Games on their online store here.

To learn the game, we would like to recommend the following enthusiastic video review from the Dice Tower. So will you manage your Guild to prominence, or to extinction?

12/11/2019 12 comments

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