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After The Mind and The Game, here comes "The Void"


It is not because we are working hard on the load problems of the site that we must postpone the planned game releases on time.

At the end of February, we were at the New York Toy Fair to find the games of tomorrow.

This is how we had the infinite chance to meet via Rémi Amy (author of the game Carta Impera Victoria), one of his colleagues: Salvador Malevitch, author of the game who defines himself as "creator of experiences", who introduced us to his game: The Void.

The Void is a game made of 100 plastic cards, whose rectangular shape, particularly original, denotes in the game world, are illustrated with particularly neat white patterns.

The principle of the game is devilishly simple and addictive:

It is a cooperative turn-by-turn game for 2 to 10 players where you have to show strategy and creativity:
The deck is carefully shuffled, then the players receive 4 cards face down.
Then, each person places one of their cards on the central pile.

The emerging tension of its perfectly balanced random mechanics, you will need to put your cards in the right order to win.

Very simple not being simplistic, rich and really tense, each part will surprise you and should delight fans of titles like "Dominion", "Catan" or "Twilight Imperium".

The Draft mode, accessible to the most expert players, will be limited to Premium members, while access to the base game is available now to all BGA members, for free.

Play The Void NOW!

A potential hit which we hope to be able to renew the license annually as it has packed us.
We hope you have as much fun as we had.
Take care of yourself, and play The Void now

We thank the publishing house Malevitch & co. for the exclusive assignment of rights, and Vincent Notraits for its visuals.
03/31/2020 63 comments

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