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Sapiens : Humans before all...


It's time for your tribe to leave their refuge for new horizons! (All references linked to current events would be purely coincidental)

Sapiens is a game by Cyrille Leroy which offers at first glance a mechanism of dominoes and simple placement, which becomes very
demanding to optimize over the length of the game.

Several actions allow you to score points, plan the tiles or annoy your opponents, while undergoing, of course, attacks of
other players. After all, it's about survival here. Moreover, the illustrations of Marc-Antoine Allard immediately put you in immersion, and if you are a lover of Kingdomino, no doubt that this game will offer you a different challenge.

To advance in his expeditions, you will have to take into account the locations of the dominoes on your board: the boxes bring in
more or less points, and the new junctions trigger more or less devious events.
You will have to anticipate, but also improvise facing the events, especially in in front of the particularly tough Bear.

Sapiens is a game for 2 to 4 players, and even if we recommend you to play it with 4, the game allows 2 players to get introduced quietly to the strategic wealth that it offers.

Tempted ? So why not try it immediately?
Just click here.

Our thanks go straight to Clément and Sébastien from Catch-Up Games for their authorization and help to create this adaptation of their first game! And of course, to the developers, who managed to combine good playability and handling ideal for a game that requires a little thinking outside the box. This project has had a long history, with apollo1001 creating a first version but unfortunately not having the possibility to finish, then DrKarotte taking over to polish the game into a really awesome adaptation: we are really happy and proud about this release!

Have fun, and as they used to say at the time: Release the baby!
05/08/2020 16 comments

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