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The King is Back! (Carcassonne Extension + Improvements)


Ladies and Gentlemen...
Dragons and Princesses.

As you might have seen, there has been a temporary lock on Carcassonne game creation today, but for a good reason:

With a lot of improvements!

We wanted to make your gaming time a better time, and that's why we've improved Carcassonne.
In terms of "upgrades", you'll find:

- An improved "hint" system, where you can see where you can lay down your tiles - or not (that should improve your thinking time).
- A way to test your tile placement while others are playing: YES ! Now you can spend your time trying your tiles placement instead of just waiting!
- New options to zoom in / set the view quickly, so you'll never miss what's going on the board!
- Some animations to help you to get a feel for the actions.

+++ We added a new extension: Princess and Dragons!
While it adds some tiles and new mechanics, it also makes the games a bit more... new!

- Unleash the dragon and watch him remove THAT meeple from the castle so you can take full control of it, and spread fire through the fields.
- Protect your spot by moving the fairy close to you when you don't use a partisan.
- Make MOOOOARRR points by using the Princess when building a castle.
- Switch graphics: you can now use a player preference to switch back and forth from the old-style Carcassonne to the new one (you know, that one with the blue roofs).

We've worked hard on this, and all the credit should go to our developper, apollo1001, who did an amazing job updating the game and making it shine again: we're pretty sure you'll like what has been done here, for your own pleasure.

You can have a look at the upgraded version right now here:

More will come, soon, but for now, let us know: What is your favorite color?
Red? Or do you mean Blue?
07/15/2020 121 comments

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