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BOARDGAME ARENA: Let's celebrate 10 Years, 4M Users and 200+Games!


In 2010, Gregory Isabelli(on the right) and Emmanuel Colin(on the left) started a platform with a simple idea: Why not making a place to help people play together?

At the beginning, this was a place to find people and games. Close to your home. To play around a table.
Then it evolved. Slowly...
10 Years later, here we are: BoardGame Arena is blowing his 10th anniversary candles, but wait, there is more:

We're also celebrating our +4 000 000th accounts, and our gamelist that has grown up to more than 200 games recently.

But this anniversary is not about BoardGame Arena. It's mostly about YOU.
(Yes, you. Even you who got a penalty for leaving a game recently).

BGA would be nothing without the support of players, from all over the world.
People helping to translate, report bugs, and just having fun playing with friends or strangers from more than 300 different countries, speaking in more than 40 different languages.
Premium members are helping more than ever: with your contribution, we were able to allow more people to come and play.
Thanks to them, we're also offering BoardGame Arena tools to many schools, institutions and libraries, all over the world.

We would of course like to thank our developpers, working mostly in the background, who are at the heart of BGA and make it alive, brilliant and are helping to bring new games for all of us to enjoy.

We, of course, give our thanks to publishers, as well as game designers, illustrators, and everybody working in the industry that helps and allows us to make these gems available to all of you.
And most important: let's not forget our wonderful team of moderators that are working 24/24 and 7/7 to help keep this place filled with what players deserve: fun and nice exchanges.

We are proud of the road we travelled together since then, and we're taking the measure of what's coming.
A lot of things are coming.

As you can see, we're releasing 1 to 3 or more games a week.
We're improving, bit by bit, the whole website. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you don't, but trust us: we never stop working on it to improve every small detail.
It's not perfect cause it's changing, mutating, adapting. With you. For you.

So what's next ?
Novelties. And a lot of polish.

First, we will continue to propose new games: the line-up for September is A-MA-ZING and you'll discover soon many famous games (classics as well as new ones.)

Second, we will improve the website and the Premium offer. We're also working on new functionalities, to give more "control" and many other improvements we have to keep secret for now.

Third, we will start BGA TV in a few weeks: as you maybe have seen since a few weeks, we are slowly implementing video players into the website to show you some nice streams. We have hosted the French event "Bien Ouej", we are currently hosting the Mind Sports Olympiad, and we will also offer soon Worldwide championships for many games in different languages, as well as a recurring show.
It's coming, more informations soon.

And what is an anniversary without a special event and GIFTS? Nothing.
BoardGame Arena X Getinshoot
To celebrate this special year and what's coming next, we want to try a small idea, with our partner from GetInShoot http://www.getinshoot.com/.

People playing online sometimes don't feel like there is another human at the other side of the board.
We do. We care.
That's why we just launched a video project: Boardgamers, all over the world.

For our 10th anniversary and 4M accounts, we would like to celebrate this event by doing a video showing YOU playing BGA from your country, saying "Welcome" in your own language so we can all share the beauty of diversity and of sharing games together through a community-driven video.

To achieve this it's easy:

- Go to https://getinshoot.page.link/dl
- Download the app on your phone or tablet
- Add the group code: 197758

Then using the app, take a very short video of you in front of ANY monument, interesting place, on the beach, on a rooftop, from you balcony, with your friends: anything that represent you, your country, your habits, and say a warm, clear and loud "Welcome!" in your own language, while waving your hands.

Please also note we need to add your BGA nickname and your place/country on it, so people can relate to places and share the good vibe.
Don't forget to update your BGA Profile.

We will also grant some special presents to the best 100 videos.
Let's make this unforgettable.
This event will end on 18/08/2020.

We couldn't imagine 10 Years ago where we are today. But thanks to you, we can see where we are going: exactly where you want.
Thanks a lot for this incredible adventure.
Take care.
The best is still to come.
Greg, Emmanuel and Ian.
08/08/2020 85 comments

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