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Mr Jack: Not a simple Jack-o'-lantern for Halloween


It's dark and it's rainy.
Maybe a bit foggy.

It's midnight.
And obviously, you're in London. Right?

Running the streets,
Not looking for treats,

But a murderer to arrest.
Will he get some rest?

Welcome to another game from Bruno Cathala! But not only, as he's been joined by Ludovic Maublanc, another famous board game designer.
Mr Jack is a 2 players game where the goal is to guess who is Jack, and to arrest him. Or Her.
All the salt comes from this simple rule:
At the beginning, a player will be Mr Jack, trying to escape from London before being caught.
The other one has to find out which character is the murderer and stop him/her before they can escape the city.

What's clever in here is that you're not playing 1 character only: You will play most (if not all) of them.
Each of them has special abilities.

For example, Ms Stealthy can go through buildings.
If you're the detective, you can move her quickly close to another character, to find out if he's innocent.
If you're Mr Jack, you can try to give fake informations by making her run closer to one of the exits if you're not that character.
BUT you can also try to reach the street really quick.
If there are no light poles on the way.

What about going through the sewers?
And could I move the police cordon to free the way in time?
What if I get in the way of Watson's torchlight?
Will Mr Gull be available next turn?

It's all about this.
It's like playing the last scene of a murder movie, from which you have no clue about the ending.
You have to be clever. Very clever to win. Maybe also a bit lucky.

Did he saw that you moved here?

Mr Jack is a very good seller worldwide and one of the reasons is that it's pretty straightforward.
Rules are simple and a game can be finished in less than 15 minutes.
You can, of course, rematch to change the roles.

We like it so much that we prepared a very nice implementation of the game.
Animations, sounds (yeah, gaslights shouldn't sound like a neon-one, but gas makes no interesting sounds. We tried.)
You can also activate or deactivate the visual hints, to experience the game like the real one.

A lot of love has been brought to this adaptation that is now available on BGA.

You can give it a try by clicking here:

The game is available to play for all, but like all Premium games, you'll need to find an open game from a subscriber if you're not already one of them ;)

All of our thanks goes to the game designers, Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc, and the publisher Hurrican for their help into bringing the game here.
But most importantly, we would like to thank Jurica or Joezg in here, the BGA developer that worked on this game with much love, patience and passion: that's part of why he is now a member of the BGA team.

Enjoy this game before next week's madness:
Brace yourself,
Essen Spiel is coming.
10/14/2020 12 comments

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