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Cheap Sheep Ship! Turn the Tide is now afloat!


Some games are old, others are outdated, but when a game stays a hit for years, it becomes a modern classic.

Today, we're more than proud to offer you Stefan Dorra's "Turn The Tide", also known as "Land Unter" in Germany, or "Sauve Moutons" in French.

Awarded all over the world and being published in more countries than you can calculate, Turn The Tide is a simple but not simplistic game for 3 to 6 players where you'll try to care about the sea and your sheep.

Players are dealt a hand of 12 from a deck of 1-60 (the remainder go back in the box for the whole game), and then lay out marker cards that show the other players the strength of their hand. Another scoring deck of 24 has values of 1-12; two cards from this deck are laid face up.

Players choose one card from their hand in secret and reveal them simultaneously. The highest value played takes the lowest scoring card, which goes face-up to a pile in front of you. The second highest takes the other card likewise. Remaining cards are discounted. Then look at everyone's face-up deck: the highest scoring player turns one of his or her marker cards over! At the end of a round, players score according to their markers cards that they managed to save.

There is a further twist! Players then pick up all their playing hand, and pass it clockwise. So as each round commences, you are using the cards previously used by your neighbor! Are you smarter? Can you make a better fist of the same hand your neighbor had? Play out rounds until all players have had each hand. Top score wins.

You can enjoy the game online right now here:

The team would like to thank the designer Stefan Dorra and the artist Oliver Freudenreich for granting us their authorization for the game, and, of course, our developer Volker78 for the very nice work he has done implementing the BGA version.

Are you able to recognize the languages used to make these sheep sounds?
- Bêeh
- Baa
- Beee
- Mäh
- Mei Mei
In our next episode: Find out the country of a player losing a game on BGA by reading its words.

Have fun!
10/21/2020 8 comments

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