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Marco Polo 2: Not the Wrath of Khan


... And nothing related to Ricardo Montalbán or Benedict Cumberbatch.

Marco Polo 2 : in the Service of the Khan is all about that guy with the spyglasses, staring at the horizon from a boat.
Merchant and adventurer, he opened many roads to Asia until he found Kubilai Khan, the mongol emperor, and decided to join him for 20 years.

Marco Polo 2 is depicting an epic follow-up to The Voyages of Marco Polo, taking you back to the West after having travelled to Beijing.
Here, the Khan sends you to the farthest reaches of his empire in search of wealth and fame.
It's a standalone game that will present you new challenges on a new journey, with different actions, new scoring rules, and a new good: the rare and valuable jade.

Apart from this, you'll feel like home playing it: the game brings a lot of novelties and improves what made the original game so famous, but stays very closely related.
It's still 2 to 4 players, 60 to 120 minutes, but it's a must-play if you played already enough to master the first one and can't get enough of the wonderful mechanics brought to us by Simone Luciani and Daniele Taschini.

Don't forget that the game also features the brand new "The Caravans" expansion that has just been released by the publisher last month! Yeah, you're getting the best.

If you didn't know the first one, don't worry: it's not mandatory. And you can enjoy both of them at different levels.

But first, why not get an eye on it ?
You can check it, as usual, right there:

We would like to thank, as usual Hans im Glück for their cooperation into bringing such a novelty (released in 2019) on BGA.
We're also sending all of our warm thanks to our developer, hersh, who did an exploit by making an exploit, twice. You rule!

There will be more to discover next week, and December will bring some nice treats for you to end this year.

And like Kubilai Khan would say :
Why do you speak to me of the stones? It is only the arch that matters to me.
Or like Kirk:
That's all folks!
11/18/2020 7 comments

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