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Opus Magnum December: Let's end this year beautifully, together.


It's been a rough year.
For everyone, worldwide. And it still is.

During this strange time we welcomed more and more players from all around the globe, more developers, more publishers and, overall, more games.
We would like to send our warmest thanks to all of our Premium users: you're not only helping support the infrastructure, but also publishers and game designers from anywhere in the world.

Also, we received many emails telling us about how Board Game Arena helped many people stay sane while in lock-down. To play with friends, family, relatives...
We keep thinking about all of these messages. And we're thankful to all of the people helping us in here.

It's also a curious time, since having close to 5M player accounts on BGA isn't something easy to manage. But our small team is on it, 24h a day, 7 days a week, to keep things as enjoyable as we can.
We're improving, tinkering, ding-a-ling every part of the website.
It's not perfect, but we try to improve it: next year could bring some new things to BGA, and a lot of improvements are in progress.
We expect you to be able to witness and enjoy all of this next year.

But for now, we're close to end this one, since tomorrow we'll be in December.

As the year was hard, we wanted to thank you for playing on BGA and supporting us.
We have more publishers joining BGA every day, as well as developers.
And we just can't keep the usual Wednesday Release schedule.
Not that we're missing games, but actually the opposite: we have a lot, and we need to release more of them!

That's why we came up with a simple idea: Like an advent calendar, let's make this one an


Opus Magnum is Latin for Masterpiece. Could also be used as "Work well done".
We pushed our team to the limit, with the help of our developers, to bring you a special FULL month of NEW games.

How ?
Starting from today, you might have seen a new block below the headline blocks on our home page:
A December 2020 Calendar.

Each days of December, you'll be able to click the daily gift that will show you our release of the day.


ONE New Game Release EACH DAY. For 31 Days.

That's 31 Games for December.

From classics to novelties, indies to famous titles, you'll have a new game to discover each time the moon rises (on Paris time).

You'll be able to click on the calendar to see the new games, and you'll also be able to find the releases listed in this post.
But we added a small feature on the calendar: if you come each day to click on the daily gift, you'll get a Trophy as a reward depending on how many days you were able to do so in a row.
That's a way for us to know what has been seen, what has been clicked, and a way to know if that kind of idea can be used on front page to offer more things, later.

So, for now, here are the games released (the list will be updated daily):

1st December release:
Thurn & Taxis, 2006 Spiel des Jahres, designed by
Andreas Seyfarth & Karen Seyfarth and developed for BGA by Volker78 & tutchek

2nd December release:
Welcome to AND Welcome to VEGAS, designed by
Alexis Allard & Benoît Tupin and developed for BGA by Tisaac & JustinFernal

3rd December release:
99, from
public domain and developed for BGA by QuasarDuke

4th December release:
Flaming Pyramids, designed by
Norbert Abel and developed for BGA by DrNob

5th December release:
Small Islands, designed by
Alexis Allard and developed for BGA by Galeelox

6th December release:
Map Maker, designed by
Louis Lafair, Joshua Lafair, Becca Lafair and developed for BGA by gkz

7th December release:
Solo Whist, from
Public Domain and developed for BGA by Jimblefredberry

8th December release:
Kami, adapted from
Goïta Shogi and developed for BGA by LeSteffen

9th December release:
Luxor, from
Rüdiger Dorn and developed for BGA by Cpasbanal

10th December release:
Hungarian Tarokk, from
Public Domain and developed for BGA by LaszloK

11th December release:
Cacao, from
Phil Walker-Harding and developed for BGA by ExtraPaul

12th December release:
Piraten Kapern, from
Haim Shafir and developed for BGA by VinceS

13th December release:
Off the Rails, from
Andrew Platt, Stuart Platt and developed for BGA by paramesis

14th December release:
Connect 6, from
Professor I-Chen Wu and developed for BGA by VinceS

15th December release:
Spades, from
Public Domain and developed for BGA by VinceS

16th December release:
Saint Petersbug, from
Bernd Brunnhofer and developed for BGA by Marcuda

17th December release:
Cribbage, from
Sir John Suckling and developed for BGA by MikeIsHere

18th December release:
Yokai, from
Julien Griffon and developed for BGA by Galeelox

19th December release:
Quantik, from
Nouri Khalifa and developed for BGA by lyconide

20th December release:
Nanga Parbat, from
Steve Finn and developed for BGA by jonsmiley

21th December release:
Oh-Seven, from
Alex Weldon and developed for BGA by Xom

22th December release:
Bandido, from
Martin Nedergaard Andersen and developed for BGA by Harkle & ophelopède

23th December release:
Concept, from
Gaëtan Beaujannot & Alain Rivollet and developed for BGA by Tisaac

24th December release:
Haiclue, from
Will Leaf and developed for BGA by Volker78

25th December release:
Via Magica, from
Paolo Mori and developed for BGA by CuriousTerran

26th December release:
Martian Dice, from
Scott Almes and developed for BGA by KuWizard

27th December release:
Dungeon Roll, from
Chris Darden and developed for BGA by MGoulet

28th December release:
Con Sonar!, from
Christian Boutin and developed for BGA by Feunisher

29th December release:
Big Time Soccer, from
Andrew S. Fischer and developed for BGA by DrKarotte

30th December release:
Forbidden Island, from
Matt Leacock and developed for BGA by jeffdi

31th December release:
Klaverjassen, a popular traditional four player trick-tacking card game in the Netherlands,
developed for BGA by wolmot.

Please don't forget that you can report any issues or bugs through our BUG REPORT form, at the bottom of the website. You'll get in touch directly with the developers and that way, they can fix issues quickly. But don't forget to read the games rules before ;)

We're really waiting on your feedback about this special event, that is a way to thank all of our members who are making BGA the world's #1 place to play boardgames.
If you want to help furthermore publishers and game designers, don't forget that you can also buy the real games from many shops around the world, in your area. If you enjoy them, that's also a good way to reward them.

We would like to thanks all our partners for their efforts during this year.
The best is yet to come.
And next year, we're expecting to continue offering you the best we can.
Take care and... play fair!

Ian, Greg, Emmanuel and Jurica.
BGA Team.
11/30/2020 242 comments

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