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It's time for CONCEPT !


What's white and falls in December?


Spiel des Jahres, BoardGameGeek, As d'or, Golden Geek... close to 20 Worldwide awards for this game!
Yes, it's one of the presents for this year from the Repos Production Team.

This game, created by Alain Rivollet and Gaëtan Beaujannot is a total MUST-HAVE on any gaming library.

How does it play?
and brilliant.
for 2 to 12 PLAYERS!

In Concept, your goal is to guess words through the association of icons. A team of two players – neighbours at the table – choose a word or phrase that the other players need to guess. Acting together, this team places pieces judiciously on the available icons on the game board.

To get others to guess "milk", for example, the team might place the question mark icon (which signifies the main concept) on the liquid icon, then cubes of this colour on the icons for "food/drink" and "white". For a more complicated concept, such as "Leonardo DiCaprio", the team can use the main concept and its matching cubes to clue players into the hidden phrase being an actor or director, while then using sub-concept icons and their matching cubes to gives clues to particular movies in which DiCaprio starred, such as Titanic or Inception.

The first player to discover the word or phrase receives 2 victory points, the team receives points as well, and the player who ends up with the most points wins.

We strongly recommend you to play with strangers. It works in any language.
And don't take it too seriously, it's only a game.
A wonderfully fun game you can try here:
Please note that tables are grouped by language - don't forget to set yours in your account preferences ;)

All our thanks go to the awesome people at Repos Production, to the game designers too, of course, and to the work done by our developer,

Oh and don't forget that this version contains more CONCEPT - Discover the expansion: More CONCEPT! Available for Germand and French only - for now.
Enjoy this game online or on a real table during these holidays, it's a good way to keep in touch with your relatives in a fun way.
Take care, and Merry Holidays to all !
12/23/2020 29 comments

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