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Just Desserts : No soup, no salad, no entree but SUGAR!


Sweet, sweet is the game designed by Andrew Looney that won a Mensa award recommendation.
Tired of sushis?
Let's get some Desserts. Just Desserts.

The guests are here, and they're hungry, so you'll have to be the best waiter in town, bringing them Just Desserts.

In this card game, each player starts with a hand of three dessert cards while three guest cards are placed in the center of the table; each dessert card shows 1-3 tastes that it satisfies, such as chocolate, fruit, or pastry, while the guest cards show what they crave as well as what they refuse to eat. On a turn, you draw a dessert card, add a guest card to the table from the deck, then take one of three actions:

- Serve (and claim) one or two guests by discarding one or more dessert cards to give them what they want (while avoiding what they don't want); if you give a guest their favorite item, you get tipped with an extra dessert card.
- Draw one more dessert card.
- Dump as many dessert cards as you want, then drawing that many cards from the deck.

At the end of your turn, discard guests from the table so that only one guest of each "suit" is still waiting to be served — but the guest heading out the door (on top of the discard pile) can still be claimed by any waiter. If at any time you've served three guests of the same suit or five guests of different suits, then you win!

You can test your skills right here:

Still hungry?
Want to open a buffet? Is it Better with bacon? Or Just Coffee?
Just Desserts includes a lot of game variants that allow you to steal guests from another waiter by sending more sweets their way, to force other waiters to each give up one guest, and to hold a surprise party to claim a guest out of turn.

That's definitely a game you have to try: it's pleasant, easy, fun. What else?
Thanks to our magnificent developer Mizutismask, the game is playing perfectly and beautifully, glazed with sugar and syrup.
Yes, I'm THAT hungry.
Also we would like to thank Looney Labs for their kind authorization to bring this game online on BGA.

The game was already a success in Alpha, more in Beta: we bet it can be a hit starting from today.

Get your hands on it now.

“Sugar solves lots of problems, that’s what I think.”
Stephen King's Doctor Sleep.
01/27/2021 15 comments

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