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Arena Season 5: let's go!


Congratulations to every winners of Season 4!

Yet another improvement for turn-based Arena

Following your feedback on the last season, we improved again the end of the Arena Turn-based.

Some reminder: At the end of a season, for turn based games that did not "finish in time", the player who consumed the most time will lose the game (all the opponents will be winners).

At the end of Season 3, we stopped all turn-based games in progress, and a lot of you were frustrated by this. For the end of Season 4, we did things differently:
  • The rule remains the same: player who consumed the most time during the whole game (= player who is the most reponsible of the delay) is losing the game, and his/her Arena rank will be modified accordingly.
  • However, the game itself can continue in training mode. It means that you can finish the game if you want to, or leave it without penalty if you don't want to.
Thanks to the players who suggested this solution that we found to be the best compromise.

Important reminder: recent games are not concerned by the end of this season

All games published (= out of Beta) less than 1 month before the end of a season are not concerned by the end of the season (no trophies, no relegation).

Season 5 is NOW launched.

The new Arena is going to be opened in few hours.

Some Arena configuration has been updated:

_ Takenoko: Switch to new edition (this is now the official version of the game)
_ Terra Mystica: Loon Lakes + landscape ON
_ RFTG: Alien artifact without orb (thanks for organizing a poll on RFTG forum about this)
_ Stone Age: 2 players (odd season)
_ 7 Wonders: 3 players (odd season)
_ Kalah: 5 stones (odd season)
_ Tokaido: No Crossroads (odd season)
_ French Tarot: 4 players (odd season)
_ Clans of Caledonia: Auction starting player order based on auction results (for this season and all further seasons)
_ Tash-kalar: Nethervoid and Eherweave extensions are ON (for this season and all further seasons)
_ Unconditional Surrender: France 1944
_ NXS: Random start position (for this season and all further seasons)
_ Dungeon Twister: Full Random Intelligent (as ask for you in the DT forum)
_ Potion explosion: 2 players (this is a test for this season)
_ Toc: see last post of this thread: https://boardgamearena.com/forum/viewto ... 22&t=20257
_ Letter Tycoon: Automatic challenges + 1 retry + 1 doubling ability maximum + 3 players (according to polls on Letter Tycoon forums)
_ Draftosaurus: Summer/Winter

We try to follow everything and to catch all your suggestions / polls: sorry if we miss something. If you create a poll in a game specific forum that clearly show that players prefer another Arena setting, please post it there.

It's up to you to find the way of the elite!

May the odds be ever in your favor!
04/06/2021 85 comments

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