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Schrödinger's Cat: When your average furball could be Alive, Dead, or Bloody Furious


Of course you know the thing.
At least until you open that famous box.

Schrödinger’s Cats is a pseudo-scientific card game of strategic uncertainty for 2-6 players. A fast, fun game of bluffing, deduction, and cute cat pictures!

Uncertainty didn’t kill the cat, but that doesn’t mean it is not dead. Dr. Erwin Schrödinger and Werner Heisenberg taught us that. We’ve all heard about the cats in boxes experiment and maybe we are even curious about the results- but attempting such an experiment would be INSANE in real life! Now you can try your hand at challenging the uncertainty principle without risking the lives of innocent kittens or risking exposure to radioactive particles! Awww!

In Schrödinger’s Cats players run experiments, form hypotheses, and try to one-up each other’s research. Players take on the role of a Cat Physicist such as Albert Felinestein, Sally Prride, or Neil deGrasse Tabby! Using their special ability to help prove their hypothesis, or at least debunk someone else’s, each cat physicist tries to determine the minimum number of alive cats, dead cats, or empty boxes across all the boxes in Schrödinger’s lab.

You may not be certain your hypothesis is valid, but if you love cats, science, and games you will be certain to love the Schrödinger's Cats card game!
It's fun and quite fast, while being clever at the same time. Once again, you won't know until you try it.

So find out about your own tastes by clicking this link:
https://boardgamearena.com/gamepanel?ga ... ingerscats

We would like to thank the nice (or not) team from 9th Level Games, and to 100% send our biggest thanks to XCID, our developer that has made it possible to play this game on Board Game Arena.

And now, get into it!
(Or not.)
Your choice.

And don't forget that the EGG HUNT will end in 3 days!
So hurry up before they disappear ;)

PS : yeah that's my cat on the banner. Couldn't resist. Sorry. Her name is Rocket.
04/12/2021 12 comments

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