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We're "Happy" to build a "City"!


Hi diddly ho neighborinos!

It's time to build your perfect city of love and happiness.
Oh, let's add a Supercute market!
And what about parks? People love parks. And an ice cream shop. Covered by glitter.

Are they happy now?
Ok, let's see what could please them...

Happy City is a simple family-oriented game, using some well-known mechanisms in a nicely-shaped short game.
It could remind you of a richer Machi Koro, or a simpler Splendor.

Each round, get your income and buy a card from the common pool (placing it in your 10-space tableau) that either provides income, people, or heart icons. Your score at the end is the multiple of the last two. It only goes 10 rounds or so (depending on whether people pass to save up for bigger cards).
The main decision is when to switch from buying income cards to scoring cards. Each player can acquire one special effect to differentiate themselves.

Build your little city, card by card, managing your income to make people want to live there and to make them happy. Choose each building carefully and keep an eye on your opponents! Find the right balance to create a home where the heart is.

You can play it now right here:

Made for 2 to 5 players, lasting for close to 10 minutes, it's a game anyone can learn and play at the same time.

Designed by Toshiki Sato and Airu Sato, beautifully illustrated by Makoto Takami, it's a Japanese game published by the excellent Cocktail Games team, and we would like to thank them all for bringing the game to Board Game Arena.

We can't write a word not thanking our developer, apollo1001, who did a very good job making this title available online.

Go try it, it's worth 10 minutes of your time to get to know more about this very light and engaging city-builder.
The game has just been released in shops, so it's a novelty you should get your hands on!

“Happiness is a house with many rooms, but at its core is a hearth around which we gather with family, friends, the community, and sometimes even strangers to find the best part of ourselves.”
― Charles Montgomery, Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design
05/19/2021 7 comments

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