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Trek 12: Is this heaven?


"No, this is Mount Everest. You should flip on the Discovery Channel from time to time.”

And it is not like Morgan Freeman will take you there, either.
You will have to climb it yourself in this wonderful title: Trek 12.

Trek 12 is a roll-and-write alpinism game that takes you on a trip into the mountains with progressively difficulty levels... and more. To score points, you have to create chains of consecutive numbers from 0 to 12 and zones with the same number.

A game is composed of 19 rolls of two six-sided dice, with one die having values from 1 to 6, and the other from 0 to 5. After each roll, the player must combine both die values to obtain the number to place. You can:

- Add the values of the two dice
- Subtract the value of one die from the other
- Multiply the value of the two dice
- Keep the higher value of the two dice
- Keep the lower value of the two dice

Be careful as you may choose each of these options at most four times during a game. After placing your first number on the game sheet, you must place each subsequent number in a space adjacent to one already filled. You try to make chains and develop areas. Players also have access to several bonus elements to earn during a game.

At the end of a game, numbers that belong to neither a chain nor a zone give you minus points. The same applies if you have to place a number greater than 12...

Trek 12 comes with multiple playing modes and scoring options. You can either decide to play the base game, solo game, or take the expedition challenge.

Trek 12 has been beautifully designed within the theme and all components look really awesome. Replayability has been guaranteed with multiple game modes, score sheets and additional content to be unlocked. These score sheets come with different difficulty levels, making it accessible for all levels of players. As the game is rather fast paced, you will easily play one game after another- which is why it is a perfect fit on BGA.

You can get a look at the game here:

We would like to thank the Lumberjacks Studio team, as well as the game designers, Bruno Catahala and Corentin Lebrat for their help bringing this game to BGA.
Of course, the main climbing has been done by Mistergos, our developer, who made it available and perfectly playable here. Kudos!

Now it's time for you to play, alone or with up to 8 players!
Don't be shy: it is so short you will play another game as soon as you finish your first game.

“You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss
06/23/2021 15 comments

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