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Your Life is Forever in: Fluxx


Do you ever wish you could change the rules of the game you were playing?

Now you can! In Fluxx, the cards themselves determine the current rules of the game. Yes, I said current... the game itself is an ever changing set of rules that determine how you draw cards, play cards, and even how you win!

Players start the game with three cards in hand, and on their turn they first draw a single card and then play a single card. For now, at least. The card text of the card you play affects game play moving forward. Your card might change the number of cards that can be drawn, held, or played. Or it might even change the win condition!

The 1999 Mensa Select Winner, Fluxx, is a brightly-colored game guaranteed to make your brain do back flips as you try to keep track of all of the new rules.

Do you think you can control the Fluxx? Try it now by clicking this link:

This is a family-friendly game that takes about 8 minutes to play.
So grab a friend or seven and play Fluxx according to *your* rules!

We would like to thank the designers Andrew and Kristin Looney and Looney Labs for their creative game and the authorization to bring t to you here on BGA. A huge applause also goes out to our developers, Alex_reson and wolmot for their slick implementation.

"Everything is in a state of flux, including the status quo." -Robert Byrne
07/07/2021 12 comments

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