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HOMESTEADERS: Take me home, country roads...


Homesteaders is an auction and resource management game in which players bid on the opportunity to build certain types of buildings, then spend resource cubes to build one of several buildings of that type. The buildings confer abilities, income, and points; some automatically and some requiring a worker.

The game lasts ten rounds, each consisting of an auction phase followed by a building phase. After the last round, players take one final income phase and have one last chance to buy and sell goods and use their building abilities before scores are tallied.

Players score for their buildings, bonuses conferred by buildings, and points earned throughout the game from selling resource cubes. The player who builds the best combination of buildings and best manages the nine different resources in the game will score the most points and win– as long as they don't take on too much debt!

Try it by clicking here:

The BGA Team would like to thank the people at TMG, and more specifically the game designer, Alex Rockwell, for their authorization to put the game online on Board Game Arena.
Also, as always, we would love to say how much we appreciate the work done by our developer TheBoot for the work done on this game.

This is a nice addition to the BGA library here that you can enjoy anytime.
See you on Wednesday for the next release.
Take care and enjoy the Summer of Games on BGA!
08/09/2021 3 comments

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