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DICE HOSPITAL: Patients are asked not to die in the corridors.


Weee wooo!
Staff Announcement: Incoming Patients With Bloaty Heads!

Quick, gather some specialists to check them out.
Does it remind you of anything?

But here, it's not about your average bull...frog.
It's a boardgame that won 2 of the 2019 UK Game Expo awards: Judges and People's Choice for Best Dice Game.

Dice Hospital is a worker placement game where players must treat as many patients as possible to appease the local authorities.

Players use their hospital staff to treat patients on their personal hospital player boards. Players draft specialist staff and new treatment rooms to improve their hospital and be able to treat and release patients and score points more efficiently! You use worker placement mechanisms for placing the staff on your individual player board containing treatment actions to treat your dice patients (where low pip values indicate low health).

Of course, the player with the highest reputation wins the game!

Curious about the game? You can play it now by clicking here:

We would like to thank the game designers Stan Kordonskiy and Mike Nudd, as well as their publisher Alley Cat Games for their kindness allowing BGA to host their game.
And guess what? We're even more thankful to the developer, alkinor, who achieved an amazing work by bringing the game to your favorite Online Board Game Platform. Wee-Woo-to-you!

So now is your time to write your own Michael Crichton-esque series with a roll of dice, or two...
And, obviously, we apologize for the amount of litter...

Enjoy your holidays, it's always sunny on Board Game Arena!

08/18/2021 13 comments

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