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HUGO: Who you gonna call?


You may know this game by many different title names: Ghost Party, Midnight Party, Escape from the Hidden Castle, or HUGO.
And for a good reason: the game designed by Wolfgang Kramer was first released in 1989 under different names, titles and graphic art in most countries.

Now is the time to play it on Board Game Arena!

Although billed as a children's game, it is enjoyable for adults as a light, fun game.
Each player controls a number of guests at a party, with the number of guests dependent on the number of players. These guests start the round in the spaces of the gallery on the game board, one guest per space; this initial placement is a large part of a player's strategy.

The Phantom (or "Hugo the ghost" in earlier versions) starts in the cellar, then climbs the stairs towards the gallery where the guests circle. The mechanism for the Phantom's movement is simple: on a player's turn, they roll a special die. If they get a number, they moves their pieces; if they roll a ghost, the Phantom moves. This means that with more players in the game, the Phantom moves a lot more frequently, and you must adjust your strategy accordingly.

Once the Phantom has reached the gallery, the guests can start ducking into the adjoining rooms to avoid him, but only one guest per room! A couple of rooms are special in that they add or subtract extra "fright points" from your score. As the Phantom catches up with the remaining guests, they are sequestered on the stair steps, then in the cellar. The first guest caught "earns" the most fright points, with those caught later in the round earning less and less.

Once all the guests have been caught, the fright points are tallied. After playing a predetermined number of rounds, the player with the fewest fright points wins!

You can play it right now, from 2 to 8 players, by clicking here:
https://boardgamearena.com/gamepanel?ga ... ddencastle

Board Game Arena would like to thank Wolfgang Kramer for this nice addition to the platform, and of course the publisher, Amigo, for their autorization.
The game has been developed by VinceS and like usual, he did marvelously, so you can play the game from any devices, anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy the spooky nights, we are close to the end of the Summer of Games Calendar... and many, many surprises await you...

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