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Bruno Cathala's INSERT: it's always sunny on BGA


This is the end of Summer time. At least for our part of the globe.
For many people, the moment to get back to their work, projects, and more "daily stuff" that will happen.

The Summer of Games 2021 calendar also comes to an end. Today is the last day and the last game release for it.
But not the least!

After 2 months of daily releases (you can find more details on this topic https://boardgamearena.com/forum/viewto ... 10&t=21619, we wanted to end this special event on a really specific title:

INSERT, by the well-known game designer Bruno Cathala.

INSERT is a rare exception on BGA: it is a board game that hasn't been published yet in the real world!

It is a 2 player abstract game that works wonderfully if you are in love with that kind of game.

How does it play? Easily.
1) The 1st player places a ring of his own color on the board, wherever he wants to.
2) On this space, a line gives the direction the opponent must play on if possible.
3) Repeat.

But when you INSERT one or more of your rings between two of your opponent's, you turn them back.
The goal of the game being to line up 5 of your rings vertically, horizontally or diaggonally.


Why not take a look at the game right now by clicking this link?

Simple. But brilliant.
Note that you can go through an interactive TUTORIAL of the game (new feature on BGA) to learn how to play it easily, by clicking right here Start the tutorial now.

And if you want to know more about the game history on Bruno's blog right here, here is the link, in French (http://www.brunocathala.com/insert-toute-une-histoire/)

The game has been developed by the BGA Team, and we would like to thank Bruno Cathala for this.

And this game will close the Summer of Games calendar.

62 games released and millions played.

The goal for this calendar was to release many games that were waiting to be finalized.
And we wanted to thank the players that came daily on BGA to click on it, so we granted some very special and unique Achievement trophies to them. Useless but unique. A bit of statistics? Yes!

On 62 games released daily:
- 103069 players have opened at least one game (1st award - Gold Digger with a plastic shovel)
- 4204 players have opened 20 in a row (2nd award - I built a Sandcastle!)
- 1855 players have opened 40 in a row (3rd award - A Sandcastle to rule them all!)
- 765 players have an unbroken streak and can still make it to the last award (Extreme GameDozer: gotta dig them all!) And among them, 678 have gotten it already when we are writing this.


The last one is so rare that it will probably gives you chills when you meet another player with it.
Ah, prestige...

Don't hesitate to share with us which game you liked or not, right here in the comments. ;)

So today is the last day for you to get, at least, the plastic shovel.
We will end the calendar and it will disappear from the front page until there is another special event (who said Christmas?).
The good thing is that although this is the end of the calendar, it does not mean we will stop releasing more games.
You simply can't imagine what is coming soon to BGA, and we are really excited about it.

That's why we are preparing a LIVE event.
A very special one. First time it happens on BGA:

Board Game Arena LIVE with the TEAM!
Yes, you read it right.

MONDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER, 9PM (Paris Time), you'll be able to ask ANY questions you can have about BGA directly to one of the founders.

We will broadcast it for nearly 2 hours live on Twitch, Facebook and Youtube, and you'll be able to post your questions on the chatrooms.
You'll probably discover new things and can post any questions you ever had. The video feed will be available on BGA's frontpage and on our social networks.

So be ready for this special event next week!
Greg and Ian will be waiting for you next Monday.

And that's it for the moment.
Take care, play well, and if you are on the road home, please drive as safely as possible.
We will give you some more updates really soon.

And thank you for your support.
08/31/2021 27 comments

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