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Bonody’s ferpect : 6 tips to improve your online gaming life on Board Game Arena (and probably anywhere else too)


Board Game Arena is quite an old lady.

In fact, more than 10 years old now.
And while we are improving a lot of things bit by bit, and working on a lot of incoming improvements, we thought we could help some of our users by sharing some tips for your daily game sessions, using the actual interface.

It’s not perfect, but there are tools. And while you may know some of them (or all of them), they might be good to remember...

Whatever computer, tablet, smartphone, or device you are using, there is a way to make your life online easier. On BGA or anywhere else.

Our recommendation list:

1) The Browser Blues.
2) Board Game Arena options
3) In-game menus
4) Zooming in/out and improving readability on your devices
5) Maximum use of your screen.
6) Security tips

⦁ 1- First things first: The wise browser choice.
We won’t argue about which browser is best. There are plenty of reasons for you to use the one you love. Of course, we have some preferences purely in terms of optimization. The choice is yours, but it is always better if you are using an Internet browser that is UP-TO-DATE (ie: has the latest version installed). Check your browser version online if you are unsure.

We HIGHLY recommend you play on ANY OPEN PLATFORM. Or at least, not the most-closed ones. Apple products, while being some of the most sophisticated devices, are known for restricting users on some low-levels usage. When you are using another browser on an iPhone/iPad, the real engine running your browser will ALWAYS be SAFARI in the background. With all of the pros and cons.
And unfortunately, Safari is not updated/maintained to support the newest web standards as fast as needed.

On PC/WINDOWS: You can play using Internet Explorer for some games, but this browser is outdated. Microsoft Edge might not be as compliant as others.
If we can give our advice, we would recommend using Firefox (and any dev. branches) OR Chrome, as they have stability, automatic updates and are supporting the latest web standards the easy way.

On MAC/Apple: Anything that is not Safari would be better; Opera possibly, but something like Firefox or Chrome would be more reliable.

On LINUX: Pretty much everything up-to-date should be working as intended.

For ANDROID Phones/tablets: In most cases, you have an embedded default browser that contains the minimum to function. They can be clunky, as most constructors will provide you with their own version, but you should consider an alternative like Firefox or Chrome.

For iPHONES/iPADS: Please try to install an alternative browser to Safari. Even if the main engine will be Safari whatever you choose.

For AMIGA, Atari ST, Falcon, MSX, Tandy, ZX Spectrums, etc...: Send a screenshot first. ;)

Whatever browser you are using, try to b aware of any extensions/add-ons you might have installed. Some of them can simply break game components or not display them properly. Most current add-ons, like AdBlocker, are supported by default, but we cannot guarantee support if you have some add-ons that are blocking you from accessing BGA (disabling them temporarily for troubleshooting can be an option).

Also note that when your game is not working right, you have the option to refresh the page by pressing F5 on Windows (Command + R on Mac). It will then refresh the screen and will update the game if your browser failed to do so.

This is not an exhaustive list or relevant in all cases, but it can help in some situations.

⦁ 2 - Board Game Arena Options: did you know about this menu?
By clicking on your AVATAR, you can then select your account preferences.
From there, you can then select an Avatar, complete your profile, as well as select the sounds you want to hear when you are on BGA. You can change them, listen to them, and reset all of them to the default options.


Also, note that on the top right, there are 3 icons. If you click on the speaker-shaped one, you should then get a slider to control the sound level of BGA.


Note that some mobiles or tablets will not allow you to play BGA sounds AND play music simultaneously (mostly old Apple devices). If you are encountering issues using that function on a specific device (other than iPhone, iPad, etc), let us know in the Bug Report tool.

⦁ 3 - In-Game Menus
While in a game, there are some options you can access by clicking on the top right menu.

Depending on the game you are playing, there are different options for you to change the way it is displayed.
You can select some preferences for the current game you are playing by clicking them.


On the left side, there are only 2 preference options for Abandon All Artichokes.
On the right side, there are many options for Hanabi, such as choosing the way the game is displayed. That could be a game-changer for some!
Choose and test your preferences anytime, on any games, and revert the changes by clicking the exact same buttons.

⦁ 4 - Zooming In/Out on games and other accessiblity options

While on a computer, you can resize the browser to your needs, on mobile there could be many different options for you to improve your reading.

On most touch-screens like Android/Apple devices, you can simply zoom in/out of a table by pinching the screen using two fingers. Like on most apps.

Using a computer, you can zoom in/out using your mousewheel or CTRL and + or -.

For some users, more options can be used to improve readability, like having bigger fonts, higher contrast (for colorblindness) and text-to-speech, as well as more useful options to get better access to some games.


While they are available on mobile quite easily, don’t forget you can also set a lot of them on most computers.

You can find these settings in your computer configuration menus and we strongly suggest you check them if you need to improve some aspects of your games. Note that we try to support them by default, but some games can present some issues. Of course, there will be very-specific cases we cannot cover for the moment, but we will do our best in the upcoming months.

⦁ 5 - Maximum use of your screen
Did you know that you can rotate your screen on mobiles and tablets?

Board Game Arena is self-adaptive. Or “responsive”. In some ways.
That is a very good way to have the game displayed differently. Some games are larger than others, or you can see more of the table vertically. It’s all up to you.

Also, do you know about the CTRL+Click on Windows (or Command+Click on Mac)?
By pressing simultaneously the CTRL key AND the mouse left button on a link, you can open it in another window. Useful when you do not want to leave your current game and open the rules in another tab!

And last but not the least: BGA-MAXIMA.
That is a game mode you could use if you are on a computer using multiple screens or a very large one.
You can open AS MANY BROWSERS WINDOWS as you want for a single table (the limit being your connexion and device power). This allows you, for example, to display different parts of some very large games in each.
You can have your personal board in one, the other players board in another, and the main board in a 3rd one. You can even use different zoom values.

Or why not use a mobile phone to serve as a second screen?

Swordfish Travolta Style.

You can setup the games the way you want, the possibilities are… endless (or close).

⦁ 6 - Security
We know it is difficult. So many websites, so many passwords. We are all suffering the same, but if you value your account, you must value its security.
Using Facebook or Google to login is not enough in term of security.
Some tips to make sure you are doing your best for your account security:

- Change your password to something strong.
We are a gaming service, so you may not think it is THAT important to secure your account... however, if someone steals your account they can still cause some damage, such as messaging someone while pretending to be you or writing offensive things that cause your account to be moderated. There are plenty of ideas and tips on how to make your password a bit different for each services, and having a strong one is, of course, more than recommended.

- Do not forget to disconnect from BGA when you are using it on a device you do not own. Especially on public access computers.

- Check your settings once in a while, it helps. ;)

- Do not share your account. Lil Catty or Jon won’t get why their opponents don’t share the same interest in My Little Pony as they do..

- If you are using Google or Facebook to connect, make sure your email address for this service is up-to-date: you will not be able to recover your account if you do not have access to the linked email anymore.
And voilààààà.

That’s it for now.

If you have your own way to improve your gameplay on BGA, or any setups you would like to share, it is time for you to shine by sharing your own tips!

Is it related to the Wednesday release? Probably.
But we wanted to share a few simple tips with our community, especially for those starting on BGA.

Thank you for reading, and see you on Wednesday!
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