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The 2-player only game based on the Imaginarium universe is here!

Nicodemus Gideon is retiring. To take his place, two assistants of the Dream Factory, you and one opponent, will face off in a duel in which you repair machines and complete projects as quickly as possible in order to score 20 or more points first.

In Nicodemus, you can return to the universe of Imaginarium in a game in which the two players must block one another repeatedly, with advantages swinging one way, then the other, and where the slightest mistake could be fatal to your chances. On each turn, you have the choice between two actions:

Play a machine card from your hand to the Bric-a-brac to earn charcoalium, produce a resource, or apply the effect of the machine.
Repair a machine from the Bric-a-brac to score points and place this machine in your workshop.
Each resource indicated in the production zone of the machines in your workshop reduces the number of resources needed to repair subsequent machines. Additionally, repairing a machine can help you complete specific projects and win points.

You can get more information about the game by looking at the dedicated page:

It is a novelty that has been just released a few weeks ago, and you should absolutely try it if you are looking for THAT special 2-player game for these winter nights.

By the way, great news for you if you don't know the game: A fully dedicated interactive tutorial is available, so you can learn the rules the easy way. Just click on the Tutorial button on the game page, or click this link: https://boardgamearena.com/tutorial?game=nicodemus .

We would like to thank Bombyx, and the two game designers: Bruno Cathala & Florent Sirieix, for their help in bringing this title to Board Game Arena.
Also, we would never forget the help of thoun who did the development of the game and did excellent work! Thx to you!

That's it for the moment!
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10/04/2021 3 comments

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