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PARKS: Get into the wild...


Parks is above all a wonderful invitation to travel.
It’s illustrations of the US national parks, made by a collective of obviously very talented artists, are real postcards.
Each of them has the state they are located in, as well as two short lines describing their uniqueness that shows a sincere desire to share in a superb game a superb reality.

And Parks is undeniably superb.

The game is a poetic call to contemplation, close to the philosophy of "Tokaido": we try to collect natural resources in order to visit the most beautiful parks in a "race.” Learn how to cleverly enjoy the most beautiful landscapes, which brings more points than rushing to the end, and use all of the "material" elements (equipment, resources) that will assist you on your path through the different landscapes.

It is surprisingly sophisticated for a game that is, after all, very family-oriented, with extremely strong replayability and a few parameters to take into account.
Kindly tactical with two or three players, Parks is certainly a very important releases for it’s demographic, and for all fans of beautiful artwork.

Why not take a look at it? Click this link to travel to the game page and see it in action:

We would like to thank Keymaster, the publisher, as well as the game designer, Henry Audubon, for their help bringing Parks to BGA.
We won't forget the help of our two developers: Kayvon and Mogri, that made it possible. Thanks a lot for the wonderful work done here!

No expansions are available at the moment, but as usual: if the game has enough players, it could happen later.

We will be at the Essen Spiel fair from Thursday till Sunday: if you ever cross out path, don't forget to ask for your very special "i met you IRL" trophy. ;)
Thanks and see you next week for... something... You won't expect!
10/13/2021 14 comments

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