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SIMILO: So milled you can tell it's sharp!


Such a simple, smart game!
You have 5 turns to unmask the secret character. If you eliminate them by mistake, you all lose! In this game, cooperation is key. Will you be on the same wavelength as the player wordlessly giving the clues?

Your goal is to make the other players guess a specific secret character (from the 12 in the center of the table). To do this, you will use other cards in your hand as clues.
The idea is to point out without a word similarities or differences between the clue character and the secret character (physical details, emotions, job, ideas, etc...).
For example, to make the players guess Little Red Riding Hood, we could use Alice as a clue card (little girl, blue eyes etc.).
After each round, the other players must remove one or more characters from the table until only one remains, hoping that it is the right one.
If the players remove the secret character by mistake, they immediately lose the game.

Get into the game right now by clicking here:

You can play multiple games of Similo in a few minutes, or take more time to admire the wonderful artworks from Naïade.
Oh and did we mention that you can choose to play with two different decks? Animal and Fable? And to mix them together? Or not?

Don't under-estimate this game: It is not just for kids! It requires creative-thinking, and is a remarkable discussion-starter.
We simply love it.

Published by Horrible Guild, we want to thank their team for bringing the game to Board Game Arena. We also thank the game designers Martino Chiacchiera, Hjalmar Hach and Pierluca Zizzi for their collaboration.
Of course, (you know what's coming) NOTHING would have been possible without the wonderful work of XiaoYi, who developed the game. Kudos to you!

There's no reasons now for you to pass on this game.
You have to play it. At least once.
And you'll get probably hooked.
See you soon on Similo, or on next Wednesday release!
11/03/2021 25 comments

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