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Clash Of Deck: A community-driven card-game in a deck!


Clash of Deck is a two-player, expandable game with many twists for 1 to 2 players aged 8+, that plays in 15 minutes.

Released on a monthly basis, the game sees the player summon creatures on each side of two bridges on two different lanes and attack their opponent to try and destroy first their watchtower, and then their castle. To do so they first must dispatch opposing creatures.
When a player suffers damage, they move their watchtower/castle card from left to right in their hand. If the building reaches the rightmost position, it is destroyed.
Since the amount of cards in one's hand is the amount of mana the player gets at the beginning of their turn, and defeated creatures go back into your hand on the rightmost position, knowing which creature to play and which creature to let die is key to managing both your position on the board and your total life points.

Clash of Decks cards are heavily balanced by its own community of players, and thus it makes perfect sense to be distributed through Kickstarter: the 2nd season is live now at this link : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gr ... s-season-2 and you can take a look if you're interested in knowing more about the game.

For the Board Game Arena version, you'll be able to play the "Starter Kit" version, to enjoy the mechanics and diversity of cards effects.

You can play it by clicking right here:

Published by Grammes Editions and wonderfully developed by Mistergos, we would like to thanks their team and the developer for their help bringing the game to Board Game Arena.

Get your hands on it right now, and see you in a few days for another game release!
11/15/2021 14 comments

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