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TROYES "McClure" DICE: Champagne!


You may remember it as a majority-based political game with secret objectives.
But it's a completely different game here, using dice.

Troyes Dice invites you to discover (or rediscover) the history of the city of Troyes during the Middle Ages when society was organized around three orders: the nobles, civilians, and religion. The responsibility of the first order is to protect the land and ensure justice; the responsibility of middle order is the hard work of providing food and goods essential to the life of the entire city; and for the last, the mission is to ensure the awakening of spiritual and cultural development!

Troyes Dice is a roll-and-write strategy game in which you play a rich Champagne family. It's up to you to seize the best opportunities offered by the dice to leave your mark in the history of the city! Will you get the most fame by fighting events, developing markets, erecting the cathedral, or participating in the construction of prestigious buildings? At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points wins!

One of the good thing in Troyes Dice is that it's even playable solo!
You can indeed enjoy a game alone on Board Game Arena for games supporting it. For this, you need first to select "Training mode" then reduce the number of players to "1", then open and start the game!

Ready to discover this game? Click below!

We would like to thank, naturally, the Pearl Games team and the game designers for their help bringing this game to BGA.
And guess what? Someguy590 developed the game! Send some good vibes for the good work adapting the game here!

And now what?
As some of you have mentionned, there's no calendar for December this year.
We've plenty of work to make some things happen in the next few months.
So stay tuned, play fair and have a wonderful game!

It sure is, Billy... It sure is...
12/08/2021 4 comments

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