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About Darlington

I am
  27 years old
I speak
  English, Nederlands
I live in
 Netherlands, Alkmaar
About me
Remember: I'm just an ordinary villager. <3

Thanks to: Sigfried, Anlaszpen, Suet63, hberger, Struffoletto, Gobboli, Tittiwit, Gabba55, Cream, Padokais, CarlosCM, Chloann, V3r0n1k4, Orange safe not ww, Niutacz, Gooorn, Mister_Hey, No_Drogs, Bob14, ToughCookie, Garscot, Fire137, PGB, WIZARDFace, Mirroson, Jannie85, Sarri, Joaquito, Stop that Goat, Clé Clé, Andrezot, Ludibear, Chumbawamba, Lilicherie0, das_biest, Polarlys, mbulss, TpChristy, Togs, pheebdweeb, AzF, titusandrome, NonoRon, Psychomike, Ponpoko51, Cogamer, ChameleonBG, Cajunworld, Dobe101, Ladysly713, Tammo, Cloudia, Upthebooks, Srqs, Eliz111, Timbre, Meatmeddler, Calimar, EllenB, ZShiz, PaulErdos, Uzzly76, SweetDea, Laydaa, Corymbe, Shayan_1047, Def13, Alayma, ElizaST, Swan860, Kicekjuve, Honest Dune, Riloup, Ying9173, Ojomojojojo, Dassem, dWad, Chicken, Flame_, Alneri, Corvidae17, Rayray243, BobtheTurtle, TchiL, Trothon, Lyncia, Jesdebel, Cutekitten, 0pale, kzkz, Lakagigar, Caninski_Jen, Lennishion, Bigred888, Bertvielle, Katierose, FangBu, Miss Gidget, Geekgirl44, Pklete, aqua9, LoOLman, MartinhoKirke1983, Tommelise, Yorgad, Dark Nugget, Didgeridoof, KatoZaurin, Oo_Daydreamin_oO, Caskett25, Didjus, P4elko, Alies_, Ebrumelson, Eclips, Annabet, AnnaHamilton, Wing_Wing, Pati91r, Malarchy, Ben_L, GoldenEarth, Ba Midz, Toridochi, Headhunterz, Micasun, Plodder24, Murkalka, Chonas, Melle M, V3ra, CricketVT, Eleyya, Beiyingxue, Caru, Sunbeam, Warabiise, Sapphire778, hanavesigoblin, K484, Seipora, Kallsup, 1707, Jenya_M, Joshjohnson, Brisbane Roar, Eli6, Wreckage, Vensky, Eli Rich, Bab1286, TechnicallyFowl, Csq, Keuray, Stathis88, Smithaaa Smiten, vAndrada, Ginger One, Titan86, Chris T, Mari353, Gazzy4, Vitodon, Meneph, Menippa, Qwertasdfg, xJust, Cilohoclan, sfrog, Pretty Lady, Eclipseassassin, Maus227, Luq B1, Skof, Postmans, Luppolo, N i 6 t e a k, Wakan Tanka, BornandP, Benip2012, Speediomatrix, Yelloww, Dice McFly, Lady_Oregano, Mvdh7, Firefan07, JK JoKeR JK, blk, Gnya, Malicya27, Aleks09, AlexisBG, Husky0312, Zlipolr, Manfredisanerd, 101waystomeeturmaker, Boyonthesky, Kaese, The Abyss and Mosquit0 for playing Saboteur and/or Werewolves with me! ♡.

Special thanks to: Elsaki, HuHu92, Cynthi007, Eleonora van Tours, Learsa and Korenwolf for meeting me in real life, that was so amazing and I love all of you for doing this!! ♡♡.

And last... Qab, you are handsome, smart, sweet, likeable and people can trust you. You should never change and I wish you the world, Love you to pieces!!! ♡♡♡.

sXePotter, you mean the world to me, thanks for being a great friend <3.
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11 / 03 / 2018


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Prestige: 992


286 Games • 60 Victories • 63% wins

200 Games Played

5 Apr 2019

50th Victory

15 May 2019

Good (>200 ELO)

2 Aug 2019

The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
720 Games • 379 Victories • 131% wins

500 Games Played

30 Jul 2019

Good (>200 ELO)

7 Nov 2019


10 Games • 9 Victories • 45% wins

Average (>100 ELO)

8 Apr 2019

5 Games Played

8 Apr 2019


1 Games • 0 Victories • 0% wins

Apprentice (>0 ELO)

12 Nov 2018

Love Letter

2 Games • 0 Victories • 0% wins

Apprentice (>0 ELO)

16 May 2019

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