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Playing profile

JXR average All players' average Winners' average
Thinking time
Time bonus number
Reflexion time standard deviation
Number of Actions taken
Starting VPs
First turn order
Dwellings built
Trading houses built
Temples built
Sanctuary built
Stronghold built
Towns founded
Favor tiles
Transform to Home terrain
Transform to other Terrain
Advance on the Shipping track
Advance on the Exchange track
Cult of Fire track space
Cult of Water track space
Cult of Earth track space
Cult of Air track space
'Build a Bridge' Power actions
'Collect 1 Priest' Power actions
'Collect 2 Workers' Power actions
'Collect 7 Coins' Power actions
'Get 1 Spade' Power actions
'Get 2 Spades' Power actions
Coins collected via income
Coins collected on Bonus cards
Coins collected via Power actions
Coins collected by founding Towns
Coins collected via Cult bonus
Coins collected by Conversions
Total Coins collected
Workers collected via income
Workers collected via Power actions
Workers collected via Cult bonuses
Workers collected by founding Towns
Workers collected by Conversions
Total Workers collected
Priests collected via income
Priests collected via Power actions
Priests collected via Cult bonus
Priests collected by founding Towns
Priests collected by Conversions
Priests earned by Faction Stronghold or Ability
Total Priests collected
Power gained via income
Power gained via Structures
Power gained via Cult tracks
Power gained via Cult bonus
Power gained by founding Towns
Power gained by sacrificing Power
Power gained via Faction ability or Stronghold
Total Power gained
VP awarded via Scoring tiles
VP awarded via Favor tiles
VP awarded via Bonus cards
VP awarded by founding Towns
VP awarded via Area scoring
VP awarded via Cult scoring
VP awarded via Resource scoring
VP awarded via Faction ability or Stronghold
VP awarded by advancing Exchange track
VP awarded by advancing Shipping track
Total VP awarded
Starting VP for the chosen Faction
VP lost to gain Power via Structures

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