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Playing profile

Brian L Nelson average All players' average Winners' average
Thinking time
Time bonus number
Reflexion time standard deviation
Number of actions
Number of contracts obtained
Number of contracts fulfilled
Number of goods bought at market
Number of goods sold at market
Number of neighbourhood bonuses used
Number of ports used
Number of merchants
Woodcutters upgraded
Miners upgraded
Sheep on map
Cows on map
Cheesedairies on map
Bakeries on map
Fields on map
Distilleries on map
Woodcutters on map
Miners on map
Cotton on fulfilled contracts
Tobacco on fulfilled contracts
Sugar Cane on fulfilled contracts
Chosen Clan
Starting Tile: Wool
Starting Tile: Milk
Starting Tile: Grain
Starting Tile: Cheese
Starting Tile: Bread
Starting Tile: Whisky
Starting Tile: Money
Number of actions: Trade
Number of actions: Obtain an Export Contract
Number of actions: Expand
Number of actions: Upgrade Shipping
Number of actions: Upgrade Technology
Number of actions: Hire a Merchant
Number of actions: Fulfil an Export Contract
Number of actions: Pass
Obtain an Export Contract: Money earned
Obtain an Export Contract: Money spent
Contracts obtained on round 1
Contracts obtained on round 2
Contracts obtained on round 3
Contracts obtained on round 4
Contracts obtained on round 5
Contracts fulfilled on round 1
Contracts fulfilled on round 2
Contracts fulfilled on round 3
Contracts fulfilled on round 4
Contracts fulfilled on round 5
Fulfil Export Contract: Wool spent
Fulfil Export Contract: Cheese spent
Fulfil Export Contract: Bread spent
Fulfil Export Contract: Whisky spent
Fulfil Export Contract: Sheep spent
Fulfil Export Contract: Cow spent
Fulfil Export Contract: Cotton earned
Fulfil Export Contract: Tobacco earned
Fulfil Export Contract: Sugar cane earned
Fulfil Export Contract: Hops earned
Fulfil Export Contract: Money earned
Fulfil Export Contract: Expand Bonus used
Fulfil Export Contract: Technology upgrade Bonus
Fulfil Export Contract: Shipping upgrade Bonus
Fulfil Export Contract: Hire Merchant Bonus
Fulfil Export Contract: Retrieve Merchant Bonus
Pass: First
Pass: Second
Pass: Third
Pass: Fourth
Scoring Tiles: Glory earned on 1st round
Scoring Tiles: Glory earned on 2nd round
Scoring Tiles: Glory earned on 3rd round
Scoring Tiles: Glory earned on 4th round
Scoring Tiles: Glory earned on 5th round
Scoring Tiles: Total Glory earned
Final Scoring: VP for Glory
Final Scoring: VP for Basic Goods
Final Scoring: VP for Processed Goods
Final Scoring: VP for Money
Final Scoring: VP for Hops
Final Scoring: VP for Cotton
Final Scoring: VP for Tobacco
Final Scoring: VP for Sugar cane
Final Scoring: fulfiled Export Contracts
Final Scoring: VP for Export Scoring
Final Scoring: connected Settlements
Final Scoring: VP for Settlement Scoring
Final Scoring: VP subtracted for auction
VP bidded for auction
Play turn order after auction

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