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[BETA] XP and Achievements: Gotta catch'em all !


For the end of Arena season 0, we are starting to introduce a new feature for the site:

The new BGA Achievements system.

Although it is still in the process of work, refinement and taming (yes, like a wild animal), it is a novelty that will evolve during the next few weeks.

Anyway, how does it work?

- XP (or experience) now replaces prestige. As with prestige, you gain XP points each time you unlock a success. The successes correspond to different actions carried out on the site. Rankings, events, easter egg, etc ...

- The successes have all been redone graphically (even if there is still some optimization in progress)

- There are TONS of successes to unlock. Much more than before. And still, a majority are not yet available and will only be available in a few weeks.

- A new "Achievements" page is accessible from your user menu. You will see that some achievements are linked to a game, but also that there are many more "general" ones, which are not linked to a particular game. It's up to you to discover them.

For more details : viewtopic.php?f=3&t=15001

Season 0 Arena is now over.
Big success on the platform, thank you very much to all. We were focused on other topics at the end, so we couldn't test everything we wanted, but you enjoyed it and that's the bottom line. The arena is closed for 24 hours while we analyze the results and prepare for "SEASON 1", which will mark the official start of the Arena mode.

That's all for now, have fun, see you tomorrow for information on the new Arena.
04/15/2020 37 comments

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