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La Granja : Farming big I.Qs


And here is a big game that joins the ranks of Board Game Arena: La Granja!

Released in Essen in 2014 with only 1,000 copies, it was Sold Out from the opening of the show.
Overpriced for several years, even on second-hand market, this game by Michael Keller (II) and Andreas "ode." Odendahl, illustrated by Harald Lieske, is a little gem of complexity that should delight the most demanding players.

Expand your farm by purchasing fields, extensions and workers who will earn victory points by delivering resources to the village.

It is very important to be attentive to the actions of other players, to manipulate the direction of the turn and to adjust your strategy based on the drawing of dices and cards.
It is a fascinating game that requires a good sense of planning, where timing and speed are crucial.
The most seasoned players will be those who will be able to manage and anticipate random events during the game.
In the arena, the game includes the cancellation of the last move made to be able to retrace your steps.

Rewarded multiple times in the world, this is a great title addition to the BGA library which now has 175 Games.

Play now ! Click here (but don't forget to take a look at the rules, it would be a shame to take a penalty: D)

We warmly thank the publisher Spielworxx for their authorization, and Andreas "ode." Odendahl (ode on BGA), one of the two designers, who took the time to help us test this adaptation. And of course the developer hersh, who did an incredible job for a really complex game, both in terms of the interface with the cards to slide on each side of the farm, and in terms of the multiple possible combinations of effects with assistants. Well done!

May your harvest be ... Large ;)
04/18/2020 66 comments

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