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RALLYMAN GT : Boardgamers, Start your engine!


Engines on, buzzing in the smell of asphalt ...
Here is RALLYMAN, GT version!

Rallyman is a game by Jean-Christophe Bouvier, a "roll and move" type.
In extremely tense games, you will need to show some thought and a hint of luck, just enough, to win the race.

Rallyman GT is the new version of Rallyman, the one that has won the heart of thousands of players around the world, in a version that has been beautifully reworked by Holygrail Games.

Plan your trajectory carefully at the start of your lap so that you can take diagonal turns and save time. But watch out for other cars that can maneuver to cut you off, forcing you to take more perilous trajectories to advance!

Why not try it now?
Click here !

BONUS: This game is available for SOLO training, to learn the game basics at your ease!
Select the Manual mode, then create a table: next, in the options, by selecting the Training mode, you will have access to the SOLO mode!

With a passionate and highly specialized international community, this version will delight veterans while giving amateurs the chance to fight for first place on the podium.

Our thanks go straight to Jean-Christophe Bouvier, Jamie from Holygrail Games and their teams for their authorization and help to create this adaptation of this fantastic game! And our kudos goes to the developer, Mistergos, who managed to makes this game not only playable but also really good-looking.

Faster than fast, quicker than quick.
05/20/2020 51 comments

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