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SANTORINI: Build it in style!


Board Game Arena is proud to present our first full-3D featured game: SANTORINI!

Yes, you read it right: Full 3D. It means you can, from your browser, play it like the real game, rotating the game and placing your building live on a board that stands out in the most beautiful way.

For you in the back, who doesn't know about the game yet (yes, I see you ;) ), it's quite straightforward.
Santorini is a 2 to 4 players accessible strategy game where you have to bring your builders to the 3rd building level.

To achieve this, you have two different actions on each turn:

- Move one of your builders into a neighbouring space (could be one level higher or lower)
- Build a building close to the builder you've just moved.

But there's more:
40 different gods hero powers will grant some specific actions during games, offering a lot of replayability.

There's a lot to say about a game that is so simple but so elegant.
With more than 45 000 Games played while in BETA, there is no doubt Santorini is worth a try, with your friends, foes, or even in hotseat mode.

The game page is available here:

Our team would like to thank Dr. Gordon Hamilton and the publisher, Roxley, but more especially, we would like to thank our developers: Tisaac, Morgalad and quietmint for their absolutely stunning work on that game. Kudos, guys!

And now,
It's time to go from zero to hero!
08/26/2020 34 comments

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