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ABANDON ALL ARTICHOKES: A heartless game. Or not?


When you give your kids vegetables for dinner, do they just push them around and try to make it look like they ate some?
Or do you have to tell them to stop playing with their food?

Well, now there's a new way to play with vegetables!

For sure, Abandon All Artichokes isn't your garden-variety card game!

A bumper-crop of prickly produce has overtaken your patch, and there’s only one choice: abandon all artichokes! Prune your deck by harvesting fresh vegetables, each with a special power that lets you swap, discard, or compost cards. You’ll need luck, strategy, and a green thumb to grow a winning hand!

The turns are pretty simple:
1) Replenish: Start with a hand full of Artichokes.
2) Harvest: Take one of the face up cards in the Garden Row and add it to your hand.
3) Play: Players can play any number of cards from their hand they want to. But they must be able to fulfil all things the card says. Once played, the card goes to the player's personal discard pile (unless the card says otherwise). If something is "Composted," it goes to the main Compost Pile (out of the game) instead of the player's discard pile. Players can only play an Artichoke card if another card tells them to.
4) Discard: The player places all un-played (or un-playable) cards from their hand into their personal discard pile.
5) Draw: The player draws 5 cards from their deck to their hand. If the deck runs out before getting to 5, they shuffle their discard pile to form a new deck and continue drawing up to 5.

When a player refills their hand to 5 cards at the end of their turn and it doesn't contain any Artichokes, that player immediately wins the game!

And that's it!

Oh, and there are a few different powers for some vegetables- like in real life!

Broccoli helps you get rid of an artichoke if your hand has 3 or more of them, Carrots compost 2 artichokes as well as the Carrot card, the Pepper put a card from the discard pile on top of your deck, etc, etc...

Interested? You can click that link to get to the game page:
https://boardgamearena.com/gamepanel?ga ... artichokes

This game is brought to you by the fantastic GameWright team, and of course, Emma Larkins, the game designer. Thanks to them for the authorization to have this game online on BGA!
Also, the game has been developed by __wiz__ and rojoMojo, and we would like to thank them for the work done on this game!

And now is time to eat your vegetables.
All of them.
Tomorrow will end the Summer of Games calendar, with a special dessert. What else could end a nice 2-months full of games to taste (or test)?
You'll see.

Take care and enjoy! ;)
08/30/2021 8 comments

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