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le retour du vauldétour 2 • stupid qui vaut le tour saison 6
Vulture Culture Tournament
42 XP
Number of players
21 / 21
Start date
This tournament has ended
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Groups Stage
Players are first divided in groups for a first stage, winners advance to a final stage.
Private tournament
Members of group : Tric Trac - Tournois sur BGA
Number of players in a match
Number of players in a match (minimum)
Mode of stage 1
Swiss system
Number of groups in the first stage
4 groups
Number of players per group to qualify
2 players
Mode of stage 2
Multiplayer Elimination
Game maximum duration
30 days
Reputation required
☯ ≥ 50%
Level required
Average players and above
Game mode
Normal mode
Game speed
Turn-based • Fixed time limit
Time allotted to each player
Playing hours
24 hours a day (no playing hours)
Tiebreaker Rules
Basic rules
Discard pile
All visible
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Groups Stage

Stage 1 - Swiss system
Points attribution based on results
..., +6, +4, +2, 0
Points attribution for skipped players
Maximum points a player would gain in a full game
Players pairing policy
Don't try to prevent same players to be opponents twice
Number of matches
5 matches
Number of players per group to qualify
2 players
Stage 2 - Multiplayer Elimination
Number of players to keep for each match
2 qualified players


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